Bali 2013.

in rainy november.. haha

Really did not expect myself to be in love with Bali’s beaches. I thought that after having seen the beaches in Thailand.. probably the rest of the beaches in the SEA region may just be very typical.

So, Kuta beach really open my eyes to that! It was a pretty good crowd there, all spread out and not too crowded to be at. Area was so big that even though majority of it makes up the international tourists, you won’t feel like your privacy has been invaded by “next door” neighbours.


We were there for only a short 3D2N getaway. And despite first 2 days of light continuous rain in the morning, wet grounds etc, it did not spoil our mood then because we went to a few places that were towards the central regions of Bali and the wet weather was chilly at times.

Anyway, here’s pictures I took in Bali:

#1 rice paddy field outside the Villa we stayed..

#2 GPSed the location of the villa which we realised was very far away from the hustle bustle of the seminyak area. Lucky we hired a driver to bring us around the 3 days.

#3 Yes that’s the unit we stayed in Bali. It’s supposed to be in a neighbourhood where the much richer stayed!


#4 the first road I see when I stepped out of the villa


#5 the ‘rich’ neighbourhood


#6 the mini slope right outside the door step which I almost slipped one of the nights haha


#7 inside the 2BR villa 😀 we had a small private pool to ourselves.




#9 one of the temples we visited and i looked fat here. Duh.


#10 random street outside, it was pouring that day




#12 misty mornings and a walk around the temples and park


#13 tried to do a panoramic view of the temple built on the sea











#19 act cool pix #1


#20 me love this picture very much!!


#21 act cool pix #2 😛






#24 and this is the awesome sunset view at petitenget beach


#25 crazy daebak view!!


#26 last but not least, act cool pix #3 😛

Hope you guys enjoy these bali pictures as much as I do! Most of them was taken with G’s OMD olympus camera or my iPhone5.

cheers. thedarktraveler


Hong Kong 2013.

my first time enjoying spring..

So like finally, I get to travel again.. it was more of like a trip to bring mum to somewhere she like. Did not prefer asian countries that much but I was glad that it was convenient and accessible throughout the more popular areas in hong kong. I was map ready, and even pretty observant at the various road signs and nearby shops that would lead us back to our hotel!

The only regret from this trip is that we did not have enough time and good weather to source out good dim sum and dessert places. And surprised to say that I am pretty looking forward to going back to hong kong again or maybe try another asian country like Taiwan in the near future. 🙂

I will briefly highlight afew places in the itinerary that i had planned together with my bro during the 4d3n trip.

Day 1


#0 always love taking plane wing shots. Don’t ask me why. :S

Shopping near the hotel area when we arrived at HKIA. The airport was really awesome and exactly what I always see in the HK dramas.. hahaha


#1 This was like a mandatory tourist pix haha.

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning and got ready to head for Sai Wan beach. But as the beach was somewhere on the outskirts of Sai Kung and only the locals will be frequent there more, we really had to rely on our sights and instincts to reach there. It was a tedious 40 min from the middle of a hill top.. and a 30 -45 mins of train and bus journey to Sai Kung.


#2 this was halfway through the hill to Sai Wan beach. I looked really disaster despite the beautiful sight. The photo filter and the heavy mist/fog that day did poor justice to the background in this pix.


#3 i think this pix is much better.. was too tired to take out my dslr and so took this with my iphone. Never expect hong kong would have clear pristine waters like that 🙂


#4 It was drizzling almost 15-20 mins along the way and upon reaching, this was the first beach we saw. We did not went further because it was too far already and we were not well prepared with wintry gear. The temperature dropped to about 18 degrees as we hiked on.

Day 3

Another early morning up to tram up The Peak  in Central area and visit the nearby places like a tourist should do. Hahaah..


#5 The buses that have cable wires above them and even though I have seen such in Melbourne, i’m still pleasantly surprised like a tourist would be..hehe


#6 Finally got in to The Peak queuing area for the uphill tram.. Was pretty warm at the waiting area maybe due to the crowds. It was a pretty good experience taking a tram uphill.


#7 The foggy view of the city skyline along Central area.




#9 One of the iconic landmark on The Peak


#10 Another iconic landmark that we took pix with..DSC_1057

#11 Posed on fake trishaw but thank God, the pix turned out pretty well. 😀


#12 Random shot inside the MTR


#13 Another random shot of A pretending to walk along the streets haha

The rest of the time in the day, we covered window shopping along Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok area, walked along Granville road and Jordan road, and also got the famous wife biscuits from Hang Heung at Nathan road. As the past few days, we did not manage to find any good dim sum places, I googled hard and we walked hard along Reclamation street and finally found a restaurant that seem to be famous for their roasted goose. We even went all the way from Mongkok to Prince Edward in search of this dim sum place called One Dim Sum. We tapao-ed back the dim sum for our breakfast the next day as we are kind of getting sick of the same breakfast served by the hotel staff for the past few days.

Day 4

It was finally the last day but I was kinda hoping that we have 1 or 2 more days to go but as budget is almost used up, we packed our bags and get ready for check out and the airport.


#14 On the plane back, don’t ya think this is a nice one? 😛

Food places that I will be sharing here for my readers to try if you are travelling to Hong Kong:

一点心 (One Dim Sum)

15 Playing Field Road, Mongkok


38 Plaza, 38 Shan Tung Street Shop 2, Mongkok

Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant

427-427A Reclamation Street, Mong Kok


Alot of branches, so pls google the nearest one to you 🙂

Alrighty, finally done with this post, I hope you enjoy and i’m heading to bed now! Work tomorrow……

Signing off, thedarktraveler