Yunnan☃ China 2011.

in lovely sweet november.

This awesome entry will be divided into 2 sections.
The first are random shots from my iphone camera. And the second part are shots from my dslr.

#1 3.30am flight (ーー;)

#2 First hotel and first night of the entire trip

#3 read the chinese captions haha.

#4 lifesavers

#5 Passing by in the midst of a rocky mountain. Am in awe of nature’s beauty

#6 again as captioned

Second section begins from here. Forget all the yucky smelly doorless toilets I have come across and visited. Forget me looking at your moon and vice versa. HAHAHA.
#1 This is a yak – a very common sight in this region.

#2 Looks like some aussie farmland but tis not.

#3 This shot was taken at Lijiang. Much ♥s \(^o^)/

#4 Jade dragon mountain; isn’t it cool to know that it snows all year round?

#5 i felt like i had just been to paradise.

#6 Black dragon pool in old town of Lijiang; looks so much better than our chinese garden…
Ps: This is one of the UNESCO World heritage site

#7 A lake with an awesome view.

#8 Tis the season where maple leaves turn yellow/red. ❥

#9 This shot was taken above sea level of 4499 metres!

#10 This pix looks romantic to me…


Bintan 2011☀☁☔

spent in a weekend in july..

#1 Heading towards the only chinese restaurant by the sea to grab some brunch..

#2 Lazy afternoon playing some water sports..

#3 Took a 10-15 mins boat ride from the main island to this beach with clear white sand and these man made huts..

#4 Yay! Yes.. This pix is not doing justice to the really white sand i see there..

#5 Had a really good feet massage facing the vast open sea.. Relax!

#6 Soaking in the morning waters on the last day! The low tide had just slowly subsided and the sea just mysteriously came back.. reminds me of the Red Sea when Moses commanded the sea to divide into 2 parts for God’s people to walk across to the other end.

Impressions of cambodia☀☁

in sunny july.

We had signed up for a free and easy package tour where the itinerary is flexible and we get more free time to roam around when we are there. So I was pretty stoked at the thought of visiting a country rich in history and cultural heritage, but was actually quite turned off by the heat that welcomed us when we landed. Cannot remembered how the tour guide found us at the airport but when we arrived, we remembered that there was really a huge crowd outside the entrance and we were quite overwhelmed at it especially when none of them was here to receive us as planned by the tour agency. So when we met up with the tour guide, he set us off in a mini van back to the hotel to store our luggages first and get a refresh before the start of historical journey.


#1 I was practically taking one shot after another and almost did not pay attention to the guide as he explained the significant bits of each historical event.


#2 overlooking the Mekong river


#3 sweating at this point of time.. but here we are at the temples of Bayon.


#4 We were taken on a motor boat ride along the famous Tonle Sap. The multi-colors of the floating village; i was told these people survive on drinking the waters of Tonle Sap! I did not dare to ask further whether during this wet season, do they still drink the water that had turned a muddy color…




#6 how can i not give this girl a thumbs up for having this snake as her pet toy….


#7 awww i see fluffy clouds ♥


#8 another means of survival. This guy was really good at balancing on his mini boat while trying to get some fishes into his net.


#9 each carving represents something; don’t u agree with me that these people from the olden days are really good crafters and designers!




#11 can u spot the face and body of the sleeping buddha?

#12 the famous reflection of Angkor Wat that you always see in those photo books.

#13 How can you resist the sight of this sunset?

#14 hokay this photo is not up here to showcase my beautiful legs hahah.. but take note of the arduous journey upwards to take that one awesome sunset view on top of Phnom (translate: hill) Bakheng. And btw, this was taken when we were coming down.. look at the big big gap one has to take per step and there are 5 levels altogether *_*

#15 snapped this when we were walking down the hill

Paradise Krabi 2011 ☼☻

in monsoon june



#1 This was me on the plane before landing; because i know i will be seeing clear blue skies and pristine beaches in 1.5 hours time; yes.. it takes only just that amount of time from Singapore to Krabi.

#2 The adventure begins with kayaking in Ao Thalane..

#3 I was really freaking out even though i had life jacket on.. the waves were coming in every few seconds and they said the waves were strong because of the repelling effect from the nearby limestone cliffs :s

#4 During the island hopping adventure, this was one of the nearby islands we stopped by in the day..Bamboo island if I had not remembered wrongly ♥

#5 One island after another, the speedboat that we were on was really fast, I kinda regretted to take the front seats because my butt was leaving the seat everytime the boat hit on each waves. The awesome view of the limestone cliffs surrounding all the mini islands and the crystal clear green water really captivated me for the entire day!

#6 The nightlife in Ao Nang, Krabi..