Tioman 2016.

This was a 3D2N trip to Tioman, Malaysia. It was my very first trip to this island and also my very first time trying snorkelling! I was so nervous and afraid of being swallowed by the waters but trust was very important. I trusted this group of friends and hang on to their arms for my dear life even though I had a life jacket on, but i was still frightened just like any non swimmer will. Thank God, I made it alive trying to snorkel without even being a good swimmer. 

This video montage was made to display the epic highs and lows of this amazing trip. I love that each of our different personalities complement one another and make this trip so exciting and memorable.

Looking forward to the next trip with them!


Just sharing: Lonely MV – 2NE1

This is another song by 2NE1 – a famous kpop girl band that I wanna share. Like how the song turns out well, the impressive vocals by Bom and CL, i think besides their beautiful makeup-ed faces, they do have a talent at singing or dancing. Besides that, I can’t quite confirm if I could relate to this song ever since i decided to be independent once again, knocking on singlehood’s door. But I can definitely confirm that without Dara, i wouldn’t have notice this kpop girl group. 😛

What I have been doing…

Today for the longest time, it has been raining. A good reason to stay home and get a really good rest. But on the other hand, it disrupted my plan to get myself down for a jog or swim! Ok well, i meant half when i mention swim as I am pretty lazy to go to the nearest swimming complex anytime.

Yesterday for the first time in 2013, i cleared a day’s leave to de-stress and to do some shopping in town. I stepped into Zara and I knew i will always buy something from there – it is in the ‘season’ of SALE too. I was only annoyed by the long Q at the fitting room! Holding the stuff that I wanted to buy, i considered.. and i resisted and stepped out of Zara – unaccomplished! Hahas.. I have to control my spending now as I am already planning my next short holiday getaway in March. LOL 😀

Typing this entry now at 23:09, i do have alot to share but of most are the usual daily duties, I had to fulfil as a daughter, employee, child of God, friend, colleague, etc. Before this entry goes from exciting to most boring and dry haha.. i will put a stop to it first. Updates when I have more. 😛

xoxo, thedarktraveler ♥

Just sharing: Winter Swimming – The Often Overlooked Health Benefits

Winter Swimming: The Often Overlooked Health Benefits – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com.

I was reading this one night and was surprised to find out that there really is such a thing called winter swimming observed in some countries. However, it doesn’t occur in all the countries that has four seasons in a year!

For safety reasons, no one should ever try that without any supervision or medical advice. And even the members of this “Polar bear clubs” have to declare that the organization will not be responsible if anything were to happen to them in an event of hypothermia or worse.

There is no reason why I should share this considering that I am living in sunny singapore 😛 but it was interesting to know that such an activity existed. And I bet some of you dunno right! XD