Melbourne 2012.

the last week of winter was still really cold..

Hello mate!

For the past 1 week i spent in Melbourne, the most common word/phrase I have heard among conversations between a local and anybody is, “Hi mate!”, “Thanks mate!”. And so… i managed to catch the last week of winter in chilly melbourne this year before it fades away. If you’d know my instagram handle, you will be seeing some of them in this post later on!

#1 just woke up from an evening flight..

#2 Had a quick brunch because by the time we pass the immigration etc it was 11am already!
#3 the cabbie who drove us to our hotel..

#4 alot of interesting graffiti art displayed on the streets.

#5 another back alley that is so art-driven :O

#6 i had randomly tried panning shots with the occasional taxi that came by the st kilda stretch..


#8 jump shots at st kilda beach.. the beach that day really did not do justice to the gd weather days!

#9 ♡♡♡

#10 my sister and her friend who had stayed here for quite some time due to studies commitment, she showed us around the university of Melbourne which was said to look very harry potter castle-like!

#11 ♡ the bare willow trees.. they always have this awfully romantic feeling to it.. 😛



#14 I really dunno who hung their shoes up there.. but we had fun getting to know all those funny street names! I guess the only confusing part of moving around there was all the  street names on every little or long streets.

#15 group photo with A whom we had to got befriend during the day tour to Mr. Buller. We thought she was pretty brave to be traveling alone by herself here for 10 days.

#16 quite liking this picture that my sis took for me. 🙂

#17 before the tobogganing begins..

#18 very old vintage Volkswagen van we saw along the Esplanade market at St Kilda’s.

#19 the awesome jetty view at St Kilda beach

#20 finale pix to end this post.. this is the awesome view from our hotel room. Just in case you have not heard of, the night ends very early at about 5pm at this part of the globe and the streets became very quiet and empty especially in this part of the Preston suburb.


I’m back :)

Dear diary,

I’m back… Melbourne has been good to me.
Pics up in a bit.

meanwhile, some of the pics are up in my FB album: Melbourne 2012.

if you’re keen to view them, do add me as yr friend and indicate yr interest to view the album 🙂

cheers ♥.

Just sharing: Melbourne Australia – Melbourne Travel Guide

Melbourne Australia – Melbourne Travel Guide.

Was researching on Melbourne as I will be flying over there in another week’s time for a short holiday/ getaway.

Realized or rather had heard too many about this place on its high standards of living. As you can see, even the currency itself is one word – HIGH. Having said that, I already felt so poor~ boohoo after like getting a sum of SGDs exchanged this evening to aussie dollar.

Although frankly speaking, this city has never been on my list of “The cities/ countries that I want to see before I die”, but i have been slogging real hard in terms of my 9-5 day job and my AL being lesser than before, i really need to scrimp hard enough to get some time off for sightseeing or travel.

Now, I hope i will be able capture some nice shots of this city back to share on this blog and yes, this is the first trip to commence year 2012 as 2011 has been a great year for me – it has left me lots of good memories of Cambodia, Krabi and China. 😀