Pursuit of Happiness.








The above are not my exact thoughts though it hit me quite abit. The words have spoken to me and the trailers are all good.  It’s extracted from an upcoming taiwanese drama and i’m gonna chase after it when it is out and hopefully the plot will be as good as the team of actors/actresses are!



Been almost 1 month I left this blog hanging dry here.. so I thought I should shared a lil on the recent event I have been.

Last weekend was the annual Singapore Games, Toys Convention Centre (SGTCC), I think its called that or maybe something related.. hahaha. It was my first time there to such an event and it was quite an eye-opener. We saw a lot of cosplay and movie characters portrayed in real human form and we had a good time laughing at some who did not portray well enough and professionally. Here are some of the pix to share:


Can you spot the real characters from the fake characters? Can you spot the humans from the figurines? LOL.



Really love this team photo, they were like having a fast food meal together perhaps discussing about an upcoming strategy to fight the evil! hahaha


This was the most hilarious character ever during the event! Especially when we keep spotting it among the people crowd.






Placed a link to my FB album as I am not going to upload all the pix to this entry. ♥


ciaoz, thedarktraveler

Just sharing: I love you MV – 2NE1

This song has been playing on my head a few days.. quite catchy tune.. so just thought of sharing 🙂
Also this song make me notice Dara, one of the member in this group 2NE1. She has got me attracted to her hairstyle..!

On a side note, just want to say that I haven’t forgotten my blog/ readers here! Just not as fluent and chatty as before in my previous blogs.. as I have sort of outgrown the blogging ‘kick’. And as I am typing here, I am coughing away and it has been ongoing for a week! I woke up this morning and in the midnight with a burning throat, felt so irritated that I cannot do anything with the cough/itch and all I can do is to cough to ease the itch!

Oh btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!! I hope everyone had a blast during this festive season. 😉

I had a good dinner with my family on Christmas day at Orchard Central at this Japanese Buffet style restaurant.. we had sort of observe this ‘tradition’, thanks to my momo. 😀
Joined my girlfriends for a night stay in a suite at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport on the 29th Dec and our request for late afternoon check out was also granted! Thanks to J for this upgraded stay lobang.

Last before I sign off, I wish for happiness, good health, forgiveness for my family, friends and you.. yes you who are reading this right now for this new year

Agªpe love,