Sydney Autumn 2016.

Finally, my holiday is here! After my last holiday trip which ended in October last year, i was already feeling tired from work and all the daily stuff.. I hadn’t plan to visit Sydney at all thinking that it’s but another city alike Singapore. But as I was looking at the promotional airfares, I thought hey! maybe i could give Sydney a chance.. and here I come!

I was a little hesitant initially, being aware of the terrorist attack news there lately, but as I had been to Melbourne before (and fell in love with the city there), I thought its fair to give this beautiful place a visit. So true enough, it surprises me. šŸ˜™

This was theĀ iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, although it was so far away from us but we could spotĀ a few groups of bridge climbers on top of the bridge at that time!


We even triedĀ to capture both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House together in a picture.. camera angles are very important!

The Grounds of Alexandria is a farm theme inspired cafe situated in the middle of an industrial area in Sydney. It was more accessible by car / taxis than by foot as we had to Ā walk a few miles only then to arrive here. It was very crowded too, so do make reservations if you are going there for a meal!


This was the interior of Central Station, so wished our train stations are like that too haha! Impressive architecture!


I love spacious places.. Ā and it’s something we do not have here in SG.

This was Leura Garage cafe. Cannot remember if it was a garage transformed into a cafe or itā€™s just a garage theme cafe.Ā They even serve rainwater as a form of beverage. LoL.


We took a long distance train from Sydney to Katoomba. Then we bought the day pass @ $40++ /pax which gave us unlimited rides around Blue Mountains National Park! Be warned, beautifulĀ scenery pics coming up.


Nice? That’s the legendary 3 sisters. šŸ˜€

Some hiking was required at some areasĀ since itā€™s a national park. Btw, it was pretty cold up here in the mountains so itā€™s always good to bring along an extra jacket!


Poor mum, we were pretty worried about her knees not able to take the load of hiking upwards.


This was @ Sublime Point Lookout.


Beautiful scenery!


This picture is proof that we went during the autumn season!

We also spent some time exploring the city and the CBD area, thereā€™s this mix of rustic and modern feel around the city when we saw modern and old architecture located just side by side! The clock tower reminds me of Londonā€™s Big Ben.


Lots of walking about although the train stations are nearby. Besides St James Station is Sydney’s own Hyde Park.


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Bondi Beach was pretty accessible. We took a bus there and we had brunch atĀ one of the cafesĀ along the street opposite the beach. Highly instagrammableĀ food as you can see.


And the instafamousĀ Bondi Icebergs swimming pool isĀ just by the ocean.


Another highly instagrammable shot. Hehe

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We took to the challenge of doing theĀ coastal walk, enjoying the scenery and of course the sea breeze!


Decided to take a cliff shot, although it is not advisable because of the risk of falling rocks or a careless step, I may end up swimming in the deep blue ocean.


Remembering that this was the last meal that we had on the last day before we caught our plane back to SG.

Last but not least, I would say ā€œKudos!” to the subway network in Sydney, I must say it was a pleasant smooth experience for us travelling with the Opal cards. I learnt that although Australia is one big country, the different cities uses different transport companies and therefore, just like in Melbourne, use the Myki cards. Melbourne was confusing with the Zones 1 or 2. If you visit Melbourne, you will understand what I mean.



A late night entry to whoever is still patronising this blog. Thanks for the love and care! *whispering to myself* *hahahaha*

That was taken at last year’s NDP rehearsal? No? Definitely some important event held at the not so popular floating platform. Forgive me.. I can’t remember what event that was though…


I know I am really slow at this.. but I am never the kind who will express my thoughts well at each and every point of time or milestone in my life. It takes lots of energy, willingness and time for me to finally accept and be able to say

Thanks for everything that had happened in 2014 and may 2015 be much exciting than ever!

Lame ikr! Am not a very expressive person indeed! Although I may seem outwardly expressive and talkative on superficial things, but that is because it is superficial things! Can’t you see that? 


Alrighty, I will be ending this random entry for now, as I do bore people a lot with words.. Yes? No?

BTW, I am feeling pretty refreshed now after a late mini workout in the air conditioned room. Although, I am not very sure if I can ever get that lean toned ass… but I will work towards it and do my best!


Exploring Taiwan 2014.

So this is as promised.. continuation to my earlier entry on my Taiwan trip. This entry will have pictures (!) since they speak a thousand more words than anything šŸ™‚


#1 I love taking aerial shots from the plane especially when i see beautiful places or geographical areas that are so different from SG.


#2 the bus 1962 that we took from Airport to where our rented apartment is at Banqiao. But we had to walk quite a distance from the Bus station to the train station.


#3 the first meal we had in Taiwan was Din Tai Fung and it was really awesome! Especially the veggies which are so much juicer than the ones we had in SG. The veggies are so GREEN and FRESH.. i am drooling now.


#4 the 1 BR apartment we rented through AirBnB.


#5 the not so good thing about this apartment is this narrow staircase that we all had to be really careful about climbing up to our bed every night haha


#6 And then we took the HSR (bullet) train to Taichung.


#7 ‘Looking excited’ selfie but was actually quite tired as we had to wake up early to catch the earliest train possible so as to maximise whatever time for Taichung.


#8 Train selfie while on the way since we had nothing to do


#9 Old England taken from afar.. Did not visit this as i thought it would be pretty lame to visit “England” when we are actually in Taiwan


#10 CingQing Farm whereĀ we’ve finally reached.


#11 Immediately upon entering the farm, we were greet by this enthusiastic + hungry fella.. she was really pestering us to throw out more of the sheep feed in our hands.


#12 more and more


#13 I attempted to walk on their ‘land’ of shit just to get real close with them.. haha


#14 sudden reaction was because this fella tried to make a move on me and i got scared initially LOLIMG_5510

#15 my friends haha..


#16 friend.. you need a hair cut soon!! šŸ˜›


#17 more fully grown sheep


#18 this is the underground railway station.. we took this to the north east side of Taiwan towards Ping Xi.


#19 first stop – Jing Tong. People said this is a very nice little town.. i beg to differ.


#20 and then we discovered the lovers bridge.


#21 Graffiti designed train that only moves along the PingXi line. You gotta take this to be able to visit all the small towns.


#22 pingxi town is getting quite commercialised with all these…


#23 Guanyin Waterfall – i am not very sure whether this is a man made waterfall or natural one.. my brother said it is a man made one!


#24 a pretty calming sight just facing opposite to the waterfall


#25 we were pretty tired after much walking but still decided to take a look at the 18 bronze monks along the way.. duh.


#26 Experienced taking their public bus when the gondola up to the Maokong was down for their annual maintenance – bOO!


#27 the view that we got to see at Mao Kong, they called it the tea paradise in Taipei where only the locals know.


#28 Really love fresh mangos and its something you can’t get in SG since we only import from other countries.


#29 the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian at Ximending.


#30 Went shopping abit around Ximending. Was packed with crowds but lucky Taiwan is bigger than SG.. nothing of a sandwiched place as yet. šŸ˜€



#31 Ximending Red House in the background and the art flea markets in the foreground.

-the end of the album-

i’m glad we gotĀ our hands dirty with whatever we could on this trip since we are pretty much on our own. We figured much, planned much and got back a whole deal of experience that one can never get it on a guided tour. Big thanks to the people who have shared with me and a lot of time was put into my research, even the taxi driver was amazed that we know quite a lot about their country. Hehehe… it’s good to be prepared! Hope you guys enjoyed looking through.. i will be back with more pictures of another trip LOL..

Cheers, the dark traveler

Christmas eve 2012

2012 will soon come to pass, this year had been a happening one.. as usual, good and bad things came. I will treat each event as lesson in life to learn and to grow. During this festive season, have you enjoyed yourself enough?

Met up with CS on Christmas eve and we visited this new attraction at Sentosa – The oceanarium. As much as I hated humans who make any attempts at destroying the marine habitats of those mammals underwater, I am equally awed by the UN-natural habitat that these humans have built to house these captured mammals for the sake of generating revenue!


#1 a panoramic view of the huge fish tank that has a sunken ship placed inside!




#3 I’m fortunate enough to visit at a less crowded timing as i heard that it was usually crowded and supposedly peak periods during the festive seasons!


#4 An even humongous fish tank!




#6 a dark manta ray spotted! I can’t remember the exact name of this “batman” but I was told by one of the crew there that it is by far the biggest stingray at present here.

— EDIT: Ā 19 January 23:40

Hmmm.. I hope you enjoy these low resolution shots of the park, and most importantly, the festive holidays that had already came to past. I had meant to post this earlier but had totally forgotten about it until now. =X

ciaoz, thedarktraveler