Phuket 2014.

And so I managed to attempt another short 4d3n getaway amidst a stressful Singapore.. off we go to #Phuket #Thailand on Singapore’s National Day!

Photo 10-8-14 5 11 06 pm

#1 Junceylon shopping mall – lucky to be very near to this shopping mall.. the hotel we booked happened to be situated in a very good place between the noisiest bangla road, patong beach and the shopping mall.

Photo 12-8-14 7 32 36 pm

#2 First dinner and meal after we landed was Thai cuisine.. this was really superb! Love the phad thai and the beef soup especially.

Photo 10-8-14 2 51 58 pm

#3 after exploring Patong beach on the 2nd day, it started to rain and we take shelter at the nearby bar.. had some beer in the afternoon and then decided to check out one of the massage salons nearby. Almost slept through the session.. was a sleepy afternoon after the drinks. #duffybear

Photo 11-8-14 1 17 44 pm

#4 this is KARON beach!! so much prettier and cleaner than Patong beach.

Photo 11-8-14 12 14 33 pm

#5 I’m happy to be here !!!

Photo 11-8-14 1 27 15 pm

#6 the friend who was busy folding his shorts up as the tide was pretty high that day! I got a slight tan after that as well, heard that it is even more easy to get tanned when your skin are in contact with the sea water.

Photo 11-8-14 10 11 51 pm

#7 2nd session of massage which was also on the last day at the last hour before the shopping mall closes.. 😀

Photo 12-8-14 7 19 22 pm

#8 we had this for lunch at one of the restaurant bar outside of Karon beach. Food and ambience was great except for a few flying insects!

Photo 12-8-14 10 48 31 am

#9 the burger king at the airport’s departure terminal. Crazy exorbitant prices. #haveityourway

Photo 12-8-14 11 27 51 am

#10 like a mandatory shot every time on the plane. 😛

We also visited the Phuket Trickeye Museum, didn’t know they had one till we were browsing through the tourist map.. it was 500 baht from hotel to the museum by tuktuk. #travellingaroundthetuksareprettyexpensiveinPhuket













The entire album can be viewed from this link: 

Photo 11-8-14 12 16 12 pm

#17 Last picture of the amazing view at Karon beach.. sweeping me off the ground already!!!

Cheers, see ya around the next post!


Bangkok 2014.

I am so excited blogging about this post because it is 2014, a new year, a new start and I have already embarked on the first trip of this year this early!

So Bangkok is another place in Thailand that i can now strike off my bucket list of countries that I have visited!

Amidst the protests still happening right now in Bangkok, i was fortunate to be there and back safely during the period of our Chinese New Year.

And thank God with the power of social media nowadays, we relied quite a bit on the updates by @RichardBarrow whilst out and about in Bangkok and managed to avoid a few protest sites in the day.


#1 Famous wonton mee at Soi Petchburi 19 street.


#2 Business as usual although a protest is ahead of them. We skipped these streets for safety and took the BTS skywalk.


#3 peppery bistro for lunch inside one of the big shopping malls


#4 thai massage just a block away from the hotel to relieve our sore tired feets after a day’s shopping.


#5 check in at indra regent hotel.


#6 camho shot in our hotel suite.


#7 quickly snapped a shot of the congested victory monument area whilst on the BTS.


#8 Chatuchak!! On a sunny sunday afternoon 🙂 experienced guide aka my bro took us to the more popular alleys and we found nice things along the way!


#9 bkk’s own version of grass jelly @ chatuchak.


#10 so as reported in the news, they really have live concerts to entertain the protesters


#11 it is this jammed under most bridges :O


#12 ready to fly back to SG.. so sad that the trip is this short but happy to be back home.


#13 i’d always choose the seats that overlook the wings #idunnowhy


#14 neighbouring countries I think, can’t recognise if we are on SG land already heee.

I would really love to visit Bangkok again and hopefully the protests would have ended by then. Thank God that the Thailand government have recently lifted the “state of emergency” as hopes are placed highly on reviving the tourism industry. 

Hope you enjoyed this short entry as there wasn’t much to write about since I was only there for 3d2n during the CNY holiday period. One thing to note about visiting Bangkok is, the public train transport is really easy to understand and most people even their locals rely heavily on the BTS sky trains and sky walks going from one place to another. There are public buses and tuk tuk as well but when the road traffic gets heavy, it is usually not as convenient as the trains would be.

cheers, lejasmineeee

Paradise Krabi 2011 ☼☻

in monsoon june



#1 This was me on the plane before landing; because i know i will be seeing clear blue skies and pristine beaches in 1.5 hours time; yes.. it takes only just that amount of time from Singapore to Krabi.

#2 The adventure begins with kayaking in Ao Thalane..

#3 I was really freaking out even though i had life jacket on.. the waves were coming in every few seconds and they said the waves were strong because of the repelling effect from the nearby limestone cliffs :s

#4 During the island hopping adventure, this was one of the nearby islands we stopped by in the day..Bamboo island if I had not remembered wrongly ♥

#5 One island after another, the speedboat that we were on was really fast, I kinda regretted to take the front seats because my butt was leaving the seat everytime the boat hit on each waves. The awesome view of the limestone cliffs surrounding all the mini islands and the crystal clear green water really captivated me for the entire day!

#6 The nightlife in Ao Nang, Krabi..