A late night entry to whoever is still patronising this blog. Thanks for the love and care! *whispering to myself* *hahahaha*

That was taken at last year’s NDP rehearsal? No? Definitely some important event held at the not so popular floating platform. Forgive me.. I can’t remember what event that was though…


I know I am really slow at this.. but I am never the kind who will express my thoughts well at each and every point of time or milestone in my life. It takes lots of energy, willingness and time for me to finally accept and be able to say

Thanks for everything that had happened in 2014 and may 2015 be much exciting than ever!

Lame ikr! Am not a very expressive person indeed! Although I may seem outwardly expressive and talkative on superficial things, but that is because it is superficial things! Can’t you see that? 


Alrighty, I will be ending this random entry for now, as I do bore people a lot with words.. Yes? No?

BTW, I am feeling pretty refreshed now after a late mini workout in the air conditioned room. Although, I am not very sure if I can ever get that lean toned ass… but I will work towards it and do my best!




Been almost 1 month I left this blog hanging dry here.. so I thought I should shared a lil on the recent event I have been.

Last weekend was the annual Singapore Games, Toys Convention Centre (SGTCC), I think its called that or maybe something related.. hahaha. It was my first time there to such an event and it was quite an eye-opener. We saw a lot of cosplay and movie characters portrayed in real human form and we had a good time laughing at some who did not portray well enough and professionally. Here are some of the pix to share:


Can you spot the real characters from the fake characters? Can you spot the humans from the figurines? LOL.



Really love this team photo, they were like having a fast food meal together perhaps discussing about an upcoming strategy to fight the evil! hahaha


This was the most hilarious character ever during the event! Especially when we keep spotting it among the people crowd.






Placed a link to my FB album as I am not going to upload all the pix to this entry. ♥


ciaoz, thedarktraveler

Chinatown 2013

Chinese New Year is coming! Can you feel the heat? No no i mean.. the busyness.. visiting relatives, friends, having fun, collecting or giving angbaos.. etc 😀

This year, I made the exception to drop by Chinatown during this busy festive eve period and take some landscape shots. Having said that, I have not gone to Chinatown for many years only unless I am passing by from one place to another. Below are the few shots that I have taken and I hope to share with you guys! Scouring the busy streets in the warm climate is not fun, but as long as I managed to get some pretty shots, i feel my trip there is worthwhile. 🙂


#1 Did u notice the speck of rainbow surrounding the moon? It was so beautiful but this pix might not have captivated its total beauty..


#2 This shot captured my attention so much I was thinking it did not look any part like I took this in my home country!


#3 the lanterns are pretty..


#4 The bustling chinatown


#5 I cannot imagine how long the snake is but that’s a part of its body.. made up of lanterns.


#6 First time trying to capture busy traffic at night.. Absolutely love the light trails!


#7 On a bridge that has no one else

How did you find the pictures above? Drop me your thoughts.. I’d love to hear from yOu!

Christmas eve 2012

2012 will soon come to pass, this year had been a happening one.. as usual, good and bad things came. I will treat each event as lesson in life to learn and to grow. During this festive season, have you enjoyed yourself enough?

Met up with CS on Christmas eve and we visited this new attraction at Sentosa – The oceanarium. As much as I hated humans who make any attempts at destroying the marine habitats of those mammals underwater, I am equally awed by the UN-natural habitat that these humans have built to house these captured mammals for the sake of generating revenue!


#1 a panoramic view of the huge fish tank that has a sunken ship placed inside!




#3 I’m fortunate enough to visit at a less crowded timing as i heard that it was usually crowded and supposedly peak periods during the festive seasons!


#4 An even humongous fish tank!




#6 a dark manta ray spotted! I can’t remember the exact name of this “batman” but I was told by one of the crew there that it is by far the biggest stingray at present here.

— EDIT:  19 January 23:40

Hmmm.. I hope you enjoy these low resolution shots of the park, and most importantly, the festive holidays that had already came to past. I had meant to post this earlier but had totally forgotten about it until now. =X

ciaoz, thedarktraveler

Sentosa Flowers 2012

Chinese New Year wasn’t as exciting as last year’s. With grandma not feeling well and making lots of trips down to the hospital to keep her company, this year’s chinese new year had being quite a tough and exhausting one and also quite a remembrance down the road. Even though i know praying for her recovery at this point is hard and unrealistic given her condition now.. Still a prayer to help ease her painful sufferings will be the best thing to do now.. And for us to go with the Lord’s will is indeed a difficult choice.. But we all know deep down in our hearts.. We will have to acknowledge the fact if God decides to bring her back one day.

#1 tea garden…




Shenton Way

captured on a random day in the afternoon.

#1: Some metal sculpture award of the city-view

#2: behind the humongous sculpture were these.. I think it depicts Singapore in the early days

#3: ♥ looking up at the skies and these tall buildings looking down at this mini me. Hehe

#4: Was secretly trying to snap a shot of this relaxing caucasian couple but apparently, that man is angrily staring into my lens. Sorry for invading your privacy and even posting your pix up here. You guys are doing great, i love shots that are candid. 🙂