Penang ’16.


It’s me again attempting to update on my travels and forgive me please, this is another backdated travel post which may provide a little insight into Penang, Malaysia.

So let me start off with a picture of the Penang airport we landed.

Grateful to say, this was a much needed short getaway for me last December. I spent a 4d3n with Dad and my most favourite Uncle A who doted on me especially in my younger days on this trip. And thankfully, the flight was smooth, I was pretty worried if I can be on a plane so soon after my operation and if the lymph node removal on my leg would cause it to be swollen due to air pressure etc. Went around Georgetown in their tourist bus sightseeing on the second day. And we realise only after that taking the public bus is so much more cheaper than paying for the tourist bus!

We stayed in this 3 star motel called GoodHope Inn which is about 15mins walk to the shopping mall. It was by a busy road but isn’t noisy at night. The neighbourhood is quite a quiet one to be.

We also went around the next day looking for the art murals that was promoted as a tourist attraction here and mind you, weather here can be pretty warm in the afternoons!

What a sumptuous spread of meat on that table right! We had japanese on one of the days at gurney plaza! It was unbelievably satisfying , the bill came up to about 200RM for a table of 3 but it was well worth it!

We visited some of the museums too. LOL. There is this gold museum which wasn’t really worth going. Personal opinion okay. The entrance fee was too expensive for that short walk through inside the museum. There was a heritage museum which showcase on the history of penang and its neighboring regions.

Yes we stopped by Penang Hill but we left because of the overwhelming crowd and stuffy weather. We past by the famous Penang Chendol stall as well so we had to give it a try.

This was a ship theme restaurant somewhere in batu ferringhi area (if i didn’t recall wrongly). Interesting eh?

Signing off here with a very short entry about Penang. Having said that, I wish this trip was longer though (the ringgit is one of the selling factor not to be missed!)