Edens Garden Essential Oils

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For anyone who is interested in trying essential oils, I would like to recommend to you the no. 1 non-MLM essential oil company – Edens Garden. Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

You can read more about my recommendation in another entry – here.


About Edens Garden Essential Oils

I have in so many years before tried with many different essential oils from different companies both overseas and local.. and recommending Edens Garden would be something I am going to do for the first time. Name the brands that I have heard of and tried with, there was.. Yo**g Li***g, Biof***st, Mt S***la, Now***ds, and this.

And I really want to say that you should go ahead and try Edens Garden with no hesitation! It is reliable for few reasons below:

  • It is voted #1 for being the non-MLM essential oil company
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • if you stay in the U.S. or have friends who are staying there, you can make use of the free shipping!
  • Products are of 100% pure therapeutic grade
  • They are certified by the industry and their oils do not contain additives, fillers , etc
  • Grab their discount codes whenever its available on the website, they are pretty generous on that during U.S. holidays
  • Besides all the above, you can read more in their website. Source: About Us
  • I have personally used their Immunity, Fighting Five, Sleepy Head and Head Ease synergy blends, I think they are really good for each of their purported uses.
  • Their carrier oils which come in 100ml and 250ml bottles are quite reasonably priced at the sizes they offer and personally for me, I like to try their carrier oils that probably other companies do not have e.g. Prickly Pear Seed.
  • Last but not least, they have kid-friendly essential oils for young children aged 2+ as you know that applying essential oils to young children has to be handle with care because of the continuous development of the child’s system, some oils may be too strong and unsuitable for kids’ ingestion/uses.

In layman terms, what really works for me, is that it is not moving towards the MLM direction and making their products super expensive and unreachable to the mass. To be fairer in this ‘who’s cheaper I try’ competition, I have given other brands like Biof***st a try but I wasn’t really convinced with their product quality even though there are many online reviews found in the Internet or Youtube.

If I were to recommend you to try any product of theirs, I would say to start of with their synergy blends like e.g. Immunity, Anxiety Ease, Fighting Five, etc! And before you can order anything on their website, remember to register an account with them and you can use the referral link provided. This is so that your account /shipping information is with them and you can repurchase again without any hassle! You will be rewarded with some ‘Notes’ (a rewards program that you can utilise to get deductions for future purchases) too!

Before I end this review, basically I just want to highlight that this is not a sponsored review or in any way supported by Edens Garden. It’s a good product and brand that I want to share with whoever is reading this. And the bottom line is if you’re currently looking to try any essential oil brand, or you are just keen to switch/try a new essential oils product, give Edens Garden a try and see what they have got for you there! Use this referral link here to register and start ordering away!


I was down with a cold last weekend, and I applied Immunity on the sole of my feet thrice a day and my cold amazingly went away! I had only taken cold meds once and that was it! :))

Overwhelmed by the blessings I received.

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

I have for long periods wallowed in self pity, stories that I fabricated about myself to myself, about the people around me to myself and to others, engaging myself in lots of negative thinking and complaining. And to make this long story short, I had snapped out of it like so suddenly!

No, I did not snap out of it within seconds or minutes. I got out of it these few moments in life where I felt I was indeed blessed, factually blessed and not imaginative at all. I was in this self pity, complaining, negative, emotional state probably few years back. Although I have never sunk into any medical depression, I was not in a good state of mind. Thank God I wasn’t depressed! Thank God for the people around me that made me who I am now, no regrets because I learnt from all the rights and wrongs. Thank God for mum (especially) who stood by me, even when I was in this deepest agony and afflicted self.

Last night, I was reading this article taken from here (http://www.biblestudytools.com/blogs/association-of-biblical-counselors/5-ways-to-stop-discouragement-from-getting-the-best-of-you.html). It hit me so much because of all that I had went through recently. In December last year, my younger brother so generously sponsored me to attend the Landmark Forum, he encouraged me to attend it previously but I was not only skeptical of the teachings, I thought the forum was too pricey and besides not getting a cert out of it, I do not seem to quite believe it would be good to anybody.  But thank God, the 3 days seminar brought some insights which probably, I have never heard it spoken this way to me anywhere else! I could have heard my mum telling me, ‘Girl.. stop complaining, it’s not good for your health.’ or ‘Girl.. stop trying to think this way, it may just be a way of thinking but not exactly true.’ and etc, etc. However, these words just went into my ears and out the next second. Landmark seminar brought me into another realm of possibility in realising those thoughts we sometimes had up in our heads are really just noises. We have to identify what those noises did to us! We could have been subconsciously forming a persistent way of being e.g. complaining non stop about everything anything, and in the process of doing it, there were things taken away from us! We lose all the happiness, joy, self worth, connectedness, trust and many many other things! What I had got out from the seminar was great, what I had got out from life’s lessons days and weeks after the seminar was even awesome!

So while life has been overwhelming me, I have been overwhelmed by the Lord’s blessings day by day. He has blessed me so much that I did not realise what I was getting out of Him. While I have been picking myself up from all the pieces of me after the seminar, I have also been more and more religiously reading up the Bible and through all this, He has open my eyes to see things that I have probably not see it as clearly as before. He has made me realise that what was mention during the seminar was also mentioned in the Bible. Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter and Job were great biblical examples of how we could get discouraged and forgot our Lord’s presence in our lives.

I hoped by sharing this here could benefit anyone who is reading this. And may our God bless us as we inch ourselves nearer to Him each day.

In Christ,


A late night entry to whoever is still patronising this blog. Thanks for the love and care! *whispering to myself* *hahahaha*

That was taken at last year’s NDP rehearsal? No? Definitely some important event held at the not so popular floating platform. Forgive me.. I can’t remember what event that was though…


I know I am really slow at this.. but I am never the kind who will express my thoughts well at each and every point of time or milestone in my life. It takes lots of energy, willingness and time for me to finally accept and be able to say

Thanks for everything that had happened in 2014 and may 2015 be much exciting than ever!

Lame ikr! Am not a very expressive person indeed! Although I may seem outwardly expressive and talkative on superficial things, but that is because it is superficial things! Can’t you see that? 


Alrighty, I will be ending this random entry for now, as I do bore people a lot with words.. Yes? No?

BTW, I am feeling pretty refreshed now after a late mini workout in the air conditioned room. Although, I am not very sure if I can ever get that lean toned ass… but I will work towards it and do my best!