Shanghai 2015. 

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Finally after a long wait, we took a short getaway to Shanghai during the jubilee weekend when everyone else in Singapore will be celebrating the Singapore 50th birthday. It was a long weekend but we only flew on the 8th Aug.   #0 Uploaded this picture on my IG to commemorate SG50 and changi airport being one of the top notch high class airport in the world.
  #1 The timetable for subway line to and from the Pudong Intl airport  #2 Or taking the Maglev train which costs more but saves time
  #3 This is the Nanjing road Pedestrian Street which is lined with all the high rise buildings and shopping malls as you walked further down. It was pretty confusing when taking the subway to here as there weren’t much street signs to indicate the way to this street. We were walking round after round and back to square 1 before finally reaching here. And realized that the people here in this part of China are not helpful even when you approach them for directions. Just got to be aware of this and asked from a few people for directions before confirming the way to the place.  #4 this is the mini tram service along the Nanjing Rd pedestrian street.
  #5 As we walked on and on along the pedestrian street, we reached The Bund. This is the centre of the famous french concession area where all the old french buildings are built along the Huangpu River. Its like we just visited Europe lol.  #6 the famous clock tower which looks like the big ben minus the red flags.
  #7 The view of the Oriental Pearl Tower and all the financial district of Shanghai.  #8 this is by far the only shop I’d go to if I am in any part of China. #metersbonwe
  #9 panoramic view of the nanjing east road  #10 street shot of Yongkang road where our rented loft apartment is.
  #11 almost the end of the yongkang road, there is a supermarket where we went for 2 of the days to grab some necessities.  #12 Lishui Road towards the Yu Garden that we wanted to go.
  #13 This is the Shanghai Old Street which was at the other end of the Yu Garden.  #14 Tianzifang
  #15 the map of tianzifang. You will not get lost with this map to refer to as there are only 3 different exits out of tianzifang. #16 Xintiandi where we were when we were quite tired already. We reached here in the evening. Read on the internet that it is much better to visit in the evening when it is more happening and bustling with people. True to that, it was but only found out that besides the mix of old and new buildings, it was just a funky area where people gather together for some booze or dinner.

  #17 the loft apartment we rented in yongkang road. Looks the same as picture but furnishings have worn out quite abit.

  #18 another clearer landscape shot of the bund. Very nice night view of shanghai.

 #19 the bund and huangpu river

Gonna separate this Shanghai trip with another entry on side trip to Suzhou Zhouzhuang water town. Met up with an uncle who has been working in China for almost 7 to 8 years and this time he is staying in Suzhou.

Anyway, August has been the busiest month for me since I had to made 2 overseas trips week after another. So look out for my entry on Macau, my virgin business trip working in this company and also my virgin trip to Macau. Lol. 


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