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A late night entry to whoever is still patronising this blog. Thanks for the love and care! *whispering to myself* *hahahaha*

That was taken at last year’s NDP rehearsal? No? Definitely some important event held at the not so popular floating platform. Forgive me.. I can’t remember what event that was though…


I know I am really slow at this.. but I am never the kind who will express my thoughts well at each and every point of time or milestone in my life. It takes lots of energy, willingness and time for me to finally accept and be able to say

Thanks for everything that had happened in 2014 and may 2015 be much exciting than ever!

Lame ikr! Am not a very expressive person indeed! Although I may seem outwardly expressive and talkative on superficial things, but that is because it is superficial things! Can’t you see that? 


Alrighty, I will be ending this random entry for now, as I do bore people a lot with words.. Yes? No?

BTW, I am feeling pretty refreshed now after a late mini workout in the air conditioned room. Although, I am not very sure if I can ever get that lean toned ass… but I will work towards it and do my best!



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