20 to keeping sober for God.


A list of 20 bad effects of drinking with references from the Bible. Really amazed me that the Word of God can be so profound.
1. It slows the thinking process (Prov 31:4–5).
2. It makes one dizzy (Job 12:25).
3. It is associated with self-centeredness (Hab 25).
4. It causes sickness (Jer 25:27).
5. It causes forgetfulness (Prov 31:6–7).
6. It produces delirious dreams (Prov 23:33).
7. It results in sleepiness (Gen 9:20–25).
8. It produces complacence and laziness (Zeph 1:12).
9. It numbs one’s feelings (Prov 23:31–35).
10. It leads to poverty (Prov 21:17).
11. It leads to brokenness (Jer 23:9).
12. It results in sadness and depression (Isa 16:9–10).
13. It causes sorrow (Prov 23:29–30).
14. It produces blackouts (Gen 19:33–35).
15. It leads to immorality (Joel 33).
16. It encourages sexual perversion (Hab 2:15).
17. It results in guilt (Isa 24:20).
18. It causes injuries (Prov 23:35).
19. It can result in insanity (Jer 5:17).
20. It makes one vulnerable to his enemies (1 Sam 13:28).

(image credit: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-stay-sober-8.png)


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