Looong weekend.


Really the best weekend ever that I can think of in 2013. 😀

It was really that great. I had enough rest for my tired body, this physical body of mine which no one or myself can ever fathom why. I am like a young person living in an ah ma’s body. Frequently getting body aches, headaches, backaches and etc.. I was like all the time craving for body massages not because I feel like I wanted to be treated like a princess or a queen? Like receiving royal treatments.. haha! It’s because of this lousy physical body aching me.

So from Thursday onwards, I went out, i rested, I coaxed myself to sleep despite the glare of the sun, I jogged, I exercised, I made smoothies, I basically enjoyed the things I do.

It’s at 3:25 AM now in the morning that I am typing out the above. I would go to sleep right now because I have almost exhausted for the day’s activities, but decided to blog because I have not been blogging recently once again..! 😛

Many thoughts and plans have been circling about in my mind these past few weeks. I had a sudden desire to do some things that I have never dreamt of doing it but have been lying around somewhere in my bucket list of “To-Do’s’ before I die”. Right at this moment, I am still not sure if it would work out for me as planned or if the other one (there’s more than 1 plan) will ever come true for me. Really mind-boggling and confused, I wished I have an answer right now… but unfortch, there isn’t one.

I have said my prayers and I would consistently try to do it frequently, hoping that the will of God prevails and that I can rest my mind finally and prepare myself for the next step in life. 🙂

You who are reading, will you pls keep me in your prayers?

xo, lejasmineeee


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