Are you just dreaming now?

dreams, goals, fear, guilt, you, society

Someone forwarded this picture to me in an email. This is the entire picture of how we often overlook the dreams we set and I personally agree with it!

So would you stop on the way and be “hit” by these people namely, Friends, Pessimist, Society, Fear, Guilt or Relatives (from left to the right)?

Remember, it’s just a straight road down to your goals! There may be crossroads or T-Junctions in the midway where you will have to stop to consider which way to go to get what you want but no matter what, your goals are at the finishing line waiting for your every step forward. Do it the right way not just any way in order to attain your goals!

cheers, thedarktraveler


Looong weekend.

Really the best weekend ever that I can think of in 2013. 😀

It was really that great. I had enough rest for my tired body, this physical body of mine which no one or myself can ever fathom why. I am like a young person living in an ah ma’s body. Frequently getting body aches, headaches, backaches and etc.. I was like all the time craving for body massages not because I feel like I wanted to be treated like a princess or a queen? Like receiving royal treatments.. haha! It’s because of this lousy physical body aching me.

So from Thursday onwards, I went out, i rested, I coaxed myself to sleep despite the glare of the sun, I jogged, I exercised, I made smoothies, I basically enjoyed the things I do.

It’s at 3:25 AM now in the morning that I am typing out the above. I would go to sleep right now because I have almost exhausted for the day’s activities, but decided to blog because I have not been blogging recently once again..! 😛

Many thoughts and plans have been circling about in my mind these past few weeks. I had a sudden desire to do some things that I have never dreamt of doing it but have been lying around somewhere in my bucket list of “To-Do’s’ before I die”. Right at this moment, I am still not sure if it would work out for me as planned or if the other one (there’s more than 1 plan) will ever come true for me. Really mind-boggling and confused, I wished I have an answer right now… but unfortch, there isn’t one.

I have said my prayers and I would consistently try to do it frequently, hoping that the will of God prevails and that I can rest my mind finally and prepare myself for the next step in life. 🙂

You who are reading, will you pls keep me in your prayers?

xo, lejasmineeee