Do you know me?


Dumbo: You so cool leh!

… … …

Duh. Thats my reaction to the above.

I think everyone has a side whom you show to people who disregard your presence even tho they were somehow acquainted to u thru somebody, something or maybe worse, you lent her help somewhere some time ago..

That last example was worse.. ikr!

I think through the years of growing up.. Learning human relations at work.. I sort of got to know myself better.

The inner self.

I can’t say that i have fully grasp the facts.. But i am slowly coming to terms with it. Thank God.. 🙂

And for that instance, i would appear nonchalent, cool to anybody whom i felt never make effort to know me. Am i that important? No ofcos.. But at least the basic eye contact is required. All of that will fall into place if there was eye contact…what do U think?

x, lejasmineeee


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