Sunday 14 Jul 2013.

Today marks the last lesson of my korean language B2 course.

Feels sad that the teacher teaching us is leaving the school. Heard that she is opening her own school here in October. So as it was the last lesson, the test to certify the course completion will be next Sunday. I am still considering whether to continue learning at the same school… *thinking*

Anyways, just watched the new single music video from 2NE1!

It’s called Falling in Love..

Personally, i don’t think its as catchy as the past few singles. But at least finally, they have released a new song. 🙂 Dara has also changed her hair color!



It means Hello! Goodbye! in korean.. but only used towards friends or people of the same age as you. ^^

Anyway, i am just done with the last episode of Global We Got Married HongkiMina and TaecGuiGui version. Was really touched by the affections GuiGui has for Taec tho did not see much from Taec. Before this, I have never expected i would once again be this touched after the NickhunVictoria episodes. Yep, they were really the best pair i think. haha..

I hope they keep continue in this production.. but i just hate to watch the couples part.. yes being forced to part.. if they are really great as a pair.

You can watch it here =)

One of their OST which I am hooked on to right now!

Do you know me?

Dumbo: You so cool leh!

… … …

Duh. Thats my reaction to the above.

I think everyone has a side whom you show to people who disregard your presence even tho they were somehow acquainted to u thru somebody, something or maybe worse, you lent her help somewhere some time ago..

That last example was worse.. ikr!

I think through the years of growing up.. Learning human relations at work.. I sort of got to know myself better.

The inner self.

I can’t say that i have fully grasp the facts.. But i am slowly coming to terms with it. Thank God.. 🙂

And for that instance, i would appear nonchalent, cool to anybody whom i felt never make effort to know me. Am i that important? No ofcos.. But at least the basic eye contact is required. All of that will fall into place if there was eye contact…what do U think?

x, lejasmineeee