The worst haze and the crazy PSI.


The haze that originated from Indonesia, our neighboring country has once again caught us by surprise, as some of us out there scrambled to get N95 masks as quick as the PSI soars to its new record number of 401. I too was astonished by what I saw out of the window that afternoon when it soared up to PSI 400, it was like a huge airborne disaster that has plagued us Singaporeans once again.

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Now for some of you who don’t see the whole picture, you can refer to the geographical map above, you would see that Singapore – just a tiny red dot sandwiched between Malaysia and parts of Indonesia gets the whole deal of it when things like that happen.

Well the worst part of it all is that, there was no official stop-work order issued to people in Singapore when the PSI hit 401  that afternoon. Well of course, there are many justifications to this decision and many viewed it based on their current situations. One of the few many I heard was, “It’s better to come to the office than to stay at home since there is ‘free’ aircon you can enjoy and you can save up on the electricity bills at home..”.

On the other hand, my work scope happens to be very site-based therefore, I have to be back to office for work that day whatsoever. Though I kind of dread it.. but it’s work that one has to be responsible with. The only thing I disagreed with the whole drama is that one should not compromise health for work reasons. Well well, though the company had sent out announcements pretty late but it was better late than never. And anyway, it did not affect in my situation since I still had to report for work on the two days when the PSI was at its highest.

On a side note, I fell sick after the third day of inhaling the bad air and till today, my nose is dry yet running at the same time. So when weekends finally arrive, I stayed indoors and try as much to have a good rest! The occasional and usual appointments in the weekends did not stop me either though I know having a good rest is a very important step to recovery. And I have come to realized that having some bread and milk helps to get rid of the sick bugs. At least in my opinion, it works a little. If you do not believe it, try it!

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So how do I rest? Besides sleeping more, I watch as much Korean dramas / variety shows as possible. Ok to be honest, I have been watching it even way before I was sick and whenever I have the time for myself. LOL!

Actually, I was just finding an excuse to share with my readers this very nice variety show now airing in Korea:

There had been many past seasons and couples before this but I am sharing this because this is so far the latest and not just this one! In fact, the link I shared above has most of the current episodes still available online.

now, if you want to thank me, follow my blog! 😛

signing off, lejasmineeee


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