So I was out just now to collect my loots from 65Daigou. This is already my second time ordering from the suppliers in China through Taobao website. And the fortunate thing is that, 65daigou helps me to liaise with and purchase the things while a small percent of agent fee is paid to them for the service rendered to us. Again I said, this is not a paid advertorial but just my random opinion about how great this is.

Did you all see my new Dr Marten‘s oxford shoes in the foreground? Hehe I also got it from one of the shop in taobao and it should be authentic in terms of material, looks, quality, engraved descriptions and even the shoe box! And well, if all this fits the bill, I think i got myself a really good deal because all in total + shipping, it only cost me approximately 60 sgd.

 The other pair of white shoes that I got happened to be copied from Stylenanda website which is a Korea online shopping website which I feel sometimes jacked up their prices too much that it is almost not that worthwhile to get it if the quality is about any wholesale product made in China. However put my personal opinion aside, it is still a great website to shop for korean-inspired fashion wear!

I think when it comes to online shopping, you require a flexible and easy going mindset especially when, what you see in the pictures may not be exactly depicted on the real product you have received. And then, you need to have a keen sense of identifying the authenticity and quality of the product you are ordering. If you had a second thought of uncertainty, you should stop yourself from buying it from the specific supplier/shop in order to avoid disappointment! Of cos, I would not say that I am a super smart buyer becos, often times I had ordered the wrong shape/color/material/size of items and I had to do away with it!

Such a waste of money and effort browsing through, ikr.. 😛

Herewith is the link to register with 65daigou, pls use the recommended link below (so that I get some credits from your first purchase, keke):


Alright peeps, i got to go get ready for my dinner now.

ciaoz, thedarktraveler ♥


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