a very random one.


i have been wanting to blog here for sometime already

and i know that i have neglected this space and the readers (if there are any) for the longest time

tho despite my busy schedules, i have always wanted to write something out of it and have yet again forget to do so

due to my poor memory, i forgot like a goldfish does now.

i had some important things to remember lately;

and i am taking korean language lessons again! Practising with every moment that i have ^^

hope this random entry did not disappoint anyone out there 

i have also been finding some time to get back to photography so that i will have some better interesting entries to add here… #ineedtimemanagement 😛

before it gets too dry, i shall end this entry in 3….2……1 seconds. Take care everyone and have a nice day!


ciaoz, thedarktraveler


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