The worst haze and the crazy PSI.

The haze that originated from Indonesia, our neighboring country has once again caught us by surprise, as some of us out there scrambled to get N95 masks as quick as the PSI soars to its new record number of 401. I too was astonished by what I saw out of the window that afternoon when it soared up to PSI 400, it was like a huge airborne disaster that has plagued us Singaporeans once again.

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Now for some of you who don’t see the whole picture, you can refer to the geographical map above, you would see that Singapore – just a tiny red dot sandwiched between Malaysia and parts of Indonesia gets the whole deal of it when things like that happen.

Well the worst part of it all is that, there was no official stop-work order issued to people in Singapore when the PSI hit 401  that afternoon. Well of course, there are many justifications to this decision and many viewed it based on their current situations. One of the few many I heard was, “It’s better to come to the office than to stay at home since there is ‘free’ aircon you can enjoy and you can save up on the electricity bills at home..”.

On the other hand, my work scope happens to be very site-based therefore, I have to be back to office for work that day whatsoever. Though I kind of dread it.. but it’s work that one has to be responsible with. The only thing I disagreed with the whole drama is that one should not compromise health for work reasons. Well well, though the company had sent out announcements pretty late but it was better late than never. And anyway, it did not affect in my situation since I still had to report for work on the two days when the PSI was at its highest.

On a side note, I fell sick after the third day of inhaling the bad air and till today, my nose is dry yet running at the same time. So when weekends finally arrive, I stayed indoors and try as much to have a good rest! The occasional and usual appointments in the weekends did not stop me either though I know having a good rest is a very important step to recovery. And I have come to realized that having some bread and milk helps to get rid of the sick bugs. At least in my opinion, it works a little. If you do not believe it, try it!

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So how do I rest? Besides sleeping more, I watch as much Korean dramas / variety shows as possible. Ok to be honest, I have been watching it even way before I was sick and whenever I have the time for myself. LOL!

Actually, I was just finding an excuse to share with my readers this very nice variety show now airing in Korea:

There had been many past seasons and couples before this but I am sharing this because this is so far the latest and not just this one! In fact, the link I shared above has most of the current episodes still available online.

now, if you want to thank me, follow my blog! 😛

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So I was out just now to collect my loots from 65Daigou. This is already my second time ordering from the suppliers in China through Taobao website. And the fortunate thing is that, 65daigou helps me to liaise with and purchase the things while a small percent of agent fee is paid to them for the service rendered to us. Again I said, this is not a paid advertorial but just my random opinion about how great this is.

Did you all see my new Dr Marten‘s oxford shoes in the foreground? Hehe I also got it from one of the shop in taobao and it should be authentic in terms of material, looks, quality, engraved descriptions and even the shoe box! And well, if all this fits the bill, I think i got myself a really good deal because all in total + shipping, it only cost me approximately 60 sgd.

 The other pair of white shoes that I got happened to be copied from Stylenanda website which is a Korea online shopping website which I feel sometimes jacked up their prices too much that it is almost not that worthwhile to get it if the quality is about any wholesale product made in China. However put my personal opinion aside, it is still a great website to shop for korean-inspired fashion wear!

I think when it comes to online shopping, you require a flexible and easy going mindset especially when, what you see in the pictures may not be exactly depicted on the real product you have received. And then, you need to have a keen sense of identifying the authenticity and quality of the product you are ordering. If you had a second thought of uncertainty, you should stop yourself from buying it from the specific supplier/shop in order to avoid disappointment! Of cos, I would not say that I am a super smart buyer becos, often times I had ordered the wrong shape/color/material/size of items and I had to do away with it!

Such a waste of money and effort browsing through, ikr.. 😛

Herewith is the link to register with 65daigou, pls use the recommended link below (so that I get some credits from your first purchase, keke):

Alright peeps, i got to go get ready for my dinner now.

ciaoz, thedarktraveler ♥

Lemon Tarts.

So during work just now while I was also checking through my emails, I was astonished to see a number of readers following my blog like after my random entry last night. 🙂

Well though I came back home feeling quite annoyed with our public bus transport system, I could only self-pity, complain, grumble while I was picking up a fresh set of clothes to go to shower. Not only was I simply annoyed by the inefficiency and inaccuracy of the bus timings and travelling hours, the haze/smoke/whatever that I was inhaling in while waiting for more than 30 minutes for two connecting buses got me daym pissed.

I regretted totally – the choice to take bus back home.

I travelled for a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes by bus which I could have taken 45 mins – 1 hr if I had opted for the MRT. About half of the time was spent waiting for the daym bus. Ok pardon my language here but i’d make my point clearer.

So well, finally had my fried fish soup dinner and I suddenly thought of blogging/sharing this wonderful place that I had been to last weekend. Well, this is not a paid advertorial but rather a self recommendation and for the record, I did not really fancy lemon tarts only after the one that I had while I was at St Kilda’s in Melbourne last winter.

I got up one morning though I was not so much craving (to be honest) but was also out of curiosity, this “I feel like having some best lemon tart” thought came to my mind, so decided to google and see if I could find any cafe in Singapore that would serve the best lemon tart or would at least look pretty similar to the one in St Kilda’s.

So without futher ado…

BESTEST lemon tart#Windowsill @ Horne Rd

Ofcos definitely, if you had done some google research, there would also be a few other cafes that claimed as having the best lemon tart and I will not deny nor  have any comments to it. At least to me, this is by far the best lemon tart that is nearest to me (n.b. I stay in the east). And p/s: I do not think I will go all the way to somewhere in the west or north-west just to have a lemon tart LOL.

gryphonTEA#moscato blend tea @ Windowsill

Additionally, they serve gryphon tea I guess? Since all their teapots has the word gryphon on it. Pardon my lack of knowledge on english teas haha! So yea, you get to smell and feel the tea leaves before you decide what kind of tea to go with your cakes.

alright so that’s about it for the best lemon tart. Hope you guys enjoy and see you in a bit! #ineedtofindaway #tomaintainthebloggingmomentum

x, thedarktraveler

a very random one.

i have been wanting to blog here for sometime already

and i know that i have neglected this space and the readers (if there are any) for the longest time

tho despite my busy schedules, i have always wanted to write something out of it and have yet again forget to do so

due to my poor memory, i forgot like a goldfish does now.

i had some important things to remember lately;

and i am taking korean language lessons again! Practising with every moment that i have ^^

hope this random entry did not disappoint anyone out there 

i have also been finding some time to get back to photography so that i will have some better interesting entries to add here… #ineedtimemanagement 😛

before it gets too dry, i shall end this entry in 3….2……1 seconds. Take care everyone and have a nice day!


ciaoz, thedarktraveler