Chinatown 2013


Chinese New Year is coming! Can you feel the heat? No no i mean.. the busyness.. visiting relatives, friends, having fun, collecting or giving angbaos.. etc 😀

This year, I made the exception to drop by Chinatown during this busy festive eve period and take some landscape shots. Having said that, I have not gone to Chinatown for many years only unless I am passing by from one place to another. Below are the few shots that I have taken and I hope to share with you guys! Scouring the busy streets in the warm climate is not fun, but as long as I managed to get some pretty shots, i feel my trip there is worthwhile. 🙂


#1 Did u notice the speck of rainbow surrounding the moon? It was so beautiful but this pix might not have captivated its total beauty..


#2 This shot captured my attention so much I was thinking it did not look any part like I took this in my home country!


#3 the lanterns are pretty..


#4 The bustling chinatown


#5 I cannot imagine how long the snake is but that’s a part of its body.. made up of lanterns.


#6 First time trying to capture busy traffic at night.. Absolutely love the light trails!


#7 On a bridge that has no one else

How did you find the pictures above? Drop me your thoughts.. I’d love to hear from yOu!


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