Just sharing: Lonely MV – 2NE1


This is another song by 2NE1 – a famous kpop girl band that I wanna share. Like how the song turns out well, the impressive vocals by Bom and CL, i think besides their beautiful makeup-ed faces, they do have a talent at singing or dancing. Besides that, I can’t quite confirm if I could relate to this song ever since i decided to be independent once again, knocking on singlehood’s door. But I can definitely confirm that without Dara, i wouldn’t have notice this kpop girl group. 😛

What I have been doing…

Today for the longest time, it has been raining. A good reason to stay home and get a really good rest. But on the other hand, it disrupted my plan to get myself down for a jog or swim! Ok well, i meant half when i mention swim as I am pretty lazy to go to the nearest swimming complex anytime.

Yesterday for the first time in 2013, i cleared a day’s leave to de-stress and to do some shopping in town. I stepped into Zara and I knew i will always buy something from there – it is in the ‘season’ of SALE too. I was only annoyed by the long Q at the fitting room! Holding the stuff that I wanted to buy, i considered.. and i resisted and stepped out of Zara – unaccomplished! Hahas.. I have to control my spending now as I am already planning my next short holiday getaway in March. LOL 😀

Typing this entry now at 23:09, i do have alot to share but of most are the usual daily duties, I had to fulfil as a daughter, employee, child of God, friend, colleague, etc. Before this entry goes from exciting to most boring and dry haha.. i will put a stop to it first. Updates when I have more. 😛

xoxo, thedarktraveler ♥


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