Just sharing: I love you MV – 2NE1


This song has been playing on my head a few days.. quite catchy tune.. so just thought of sharing 🙂
Also this song make me notice Dara, one of the member in this group 2NE1. She has got me attracted to her hairstyle..!

On a side note, just want to say that I haven’t forgotten my blog/ readers here! Just not as fluent and chatty as before in my previous blogs.. as I have sort of outgrown the blogging ‘kick’. And as I am typing here, I am coughing away and it has been ongoing for a week! I woke up this morning and in the midnight with a burning throat, felt so irritated that I cannot do anything with the cough/itch and all I can do is to cough to ease the itch!

Oh btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!! I hope everyone had a blast during this festive season. 😉

I had a good dinner with my family on Christmas day at Orchard Central at this Japanese Buffet style restaurant.. we had sort of observe this ‘tradition’, thanks to my momo. 😀
Joined my girlfriends for a night stay in a suite at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport on the 29th Dec and our request for late afternoon check out was also granted! Thanks to J for this upgraded stay lobang.

Last before I sign off, I wish for happiness, good health, forgiveness for my family, friends and you.. yes you who are reading this right now for this new year

Agªpe love,



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