Christmas eve 2012

Blog, Singapore

2012 will soon come to pass, this year had been a happening one.. as usual, good and bad things came. I will treat each event as lesson in life to learn and to grow. During this festive season, have you enjoyed yourself enough?

Met up with CS on Christmas eve and we visited this new attraction at Sentosa – The oceanarium. As much as I hated humans who make any attempts at destroying the marine habitats of those mammals underwater, I am equally awed by the UN-natural habitat that these humans have built to house these captured mammals for the sake of generating revenue!


#1 a panoramic view of the huge fish tank that has a sunken ship placed inside!




#3 I’m fortunate enough to visit at a less crowded timing as i heard that it was usually crowded and supposedly peak periods during the festive seasons!


#4 An even humongous fish tank!




#6 a dark manta ray spotted! I can’t remember the exact name of this “batman” but I was told by one of the crew there that it is by far the biggest stingray at present here.

— EDIT:  19 January 23:40

Hmmm.. I hope you enjoy these low resolution shots of the park, and most importantly, the festive holidays that had already came to past. I had meant to post this earlier but had totally forgotten about it until now. =X

ciaoz, thedarktraveler


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