Next destination?


I was looking at someone’s blog and saw the pictures of his Venice holiday trip and was wow-ed by what he saw and snapped from the hotel room’s window. It looked something like the below:

Credits: Indigo Guide

What amaze me is not just the view(!) but it reminded me of the floating villages of tonle sap in Cambodia. And while the latter has more traditional structures, less advanced technology used in their daily lives, the floating buildings of Venice posed a stark contrast and added the modern touch and feel to it. The other obvious reason why i was attracted to such a magnificent view is well due to the fact that u wont get to enjoy such views all the time. Hahaha..

What i also know is that some hotels’ main entrance is facing the waters.. So.. It really will be an experience to travel to and fro the hotels via a boat.. A floating platform! Yet on the other hand, the ‘vastness’ of the canal also gave a bad feeling to me considering that i am not a swimmer lol..


Will this be your next travel destination? Tell me!



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