Japan 2012 Vol. 2!

Destinations, Japan

So as promised in my last japan post.. I’d handpick a few snapshots that I think capture my heart quite abit (ok well, I did upload afew of them on instagram to test “response”, haha!)


#1 I am glad I insisted on pressing the shutter button when I snapped this lady staring/glaring at me. I was alittle stressed after putting the camera down as if this lady was annoyed at me snapping at her without getting her permission. The priceless expression on her face is what I called, “The Moment”. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. =D

#2 Can’t remember how i got this shot, but I was literally snapping away at strangers walking beside/away from me.

#3 After numerous snaps of strangers, this lady capture my attention becox of the strap around her neck. I’m glad I found a Nikon fan in the midst of a busy Nakamise street. =D

#4 I couldn’t have gotten this shot if I hadn’t carry the 85mm lens that day. I was kinda regretting that I wasn’t able to get full shots of the tokyo tower because I did not lug along the other wide-angle lens but am thankful still. =D

#5 I like the colors of these houses.


#7 Snapping my little bro is easy, at least for once, it is not another shot of a stranger =P

#8 At nara deer park.. The baby deers are really cute!

Now a total of 7 8 best shots at the moment, please enjoy the other pictures in the album link and do give me your honest comments! When time allows, I will upload more of those that I like the most in this trip.

♥ loves,
the dark traveler


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