Christmas eve 2012

2012 will soon come to pass, this year had been a happening one.. as usual, good and bad things came. I will treat each event as lesson in life to learn and to grow. During this festive season, have you enjoyed yourself enough?

Met up with CS on Christmas eve and we visited this new attraction at Sentosa – The oceanarium. As much as I hated humans who make any attempts at destroying the marine habitats of those mammals underwater, I am equally awed by the UN-natural habitat that these humans have built to house these captured mammals for the sake of generating revenue!


#1 a panoramic view of the huge fish tank that has a sunken ship placed inside!




#3 I’m fortunate enough to visit at a less crowded timing as i heard that it was usually crowded and supposedly peak periods during the festive seasons!


#4 An even humongous fish tank!




#6 a dark manta ray spotted! I can’t remember the exact name of this “batman” but I was told by one of the crew there that it is by far the biggest stingray at present here.

— EDIT: ¬†19 January 23:40

Hmmm.. I hope you enjoy these low resolution shots of the park, and most importantly, the festive holidays that had already came to past. I had meant to post this earlier but had totally forgotten about it until now. =X

ciaoz, thedarktraveler


Quote This: Faith is believing in Him

A saying that goes, ‘There are always many sides to a book’.

As a part time blogger, sometimes this blog can get a little too dry and boring due to my lack of posting travel entries, because I don’t travel for a living (which I sometimes hope to!). So knowing that, I might blog on different things on a random day just to make this place – less cold and more interesting. =D

Credits: Hungry for More

Especially meaningful when today is also another Lord’s Sabbath, and to be more generic – it’s a Sunday. I hope this pictorial quote encourages you in your daily life and setbacks, just as it does for me. =D

xo, thedarktraveler

Next destination?

I was looking at someone’s blog and saw the pictures of his¬†Venice¬†holiday trip and was wow-ed by what he saw and snapped from¬†the hotel room’s window. It looked something like the below:

Credits: Indigo Guide

What amaze me is not just the view(!) but it reminded me of the floating villages of tonle sap in Cambodia. And while the latter has more traditional structures, less advanced technology used in their daily lives, the floating buildings of Venice posed a stark contrast and added the modern touch and feel to it. The other obvious reason why i was attracted to such a magnificent view is well due to the fact that u wont get to enjoy such views all the time. Hahaha..

What i also know is that some hotels’ main entrance is facing the waters.. So.. It really will be an experience to travel to and fro the hotels via a boat.. A floating platform! Yet on the other hand, the ‘vastness’ of the canal also gave a bad feeling to me considering¬†that i am not a swimmer lol..


Will this be your next travel destination? Tell me!


Japan 2012 Vol. 2!

So as promised in my last japan post.. I’d handpick a few snapshots that I think capture my heart quite abit (ok well, I did upload afew of them on instagram to test “response”, haha!)


#1 I am glad I insisted on pressing the shutter button when I snapped this lady staring/glaring at me. I was alittle stressed after putting the camera down as if this lady was annoyed at me snapping at her without getting her permission. The priceless expression on her face is what I called, “The Moment”. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. =D

#2 Can’t remember how i got this shot, but I was literally snapping away at strangers walking beside/away from me.

#3 After numerous snaps of strangers, this lady capture my attention becox of the strap around her neck. I’m glad I found a Nikon fan in the midst of a busy Nakamise street. =D

#4 I couldn’t have gotten this shot if I hadn’t carry the 85mm lens that day. I was kinda regretting that I wasn’t able to get full shots of the tokyo tower because I did not lug along the other wide-angle lens but am thankful still. =D

#5 I like the colors of these houses.


#7 Snapping my little bro is easy, at least for once, it is not another shot of a stranger =P

#8 At nara deer park.. The baby deers are really cute!

Now a total of 7 8 best shots at the moment, please enjoy the other pictures in the album link and do give me your honest comments! When time allows, I will upload more of those that I like the most in this trip.

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the dark traveler