Japan 2012 here I come!!

Destinations, Japan

So yes yes, i am finally able to cross
Japan off my bucket list. I was so eager to
share what I had gained / lose in this trip before going but
unexpectedly when i came back, I was so lazy to put everything down
into words. SUMIMASEN! 😥 (oops, it means ‘excuse me’ in
japanese, i can’t remember whats ‘im sorry’ in japanese,
I was even more lazy to edit the pictures that I
had took but fortunately, most of the pictures came out in pretty
good exposures and settings. =D So after delaying for sometime, i
had managed to upload all my photos in my google plus account and
here and there in Facebook, even to the extent of accidentally
deleting one of the albums in my SD card! BOOoo. So without further
ado, let me share with u the album titled “Tokyo streets and
strangers” via this google plus link, pls enjoy =) https://plus.google.com/photos/112942645831858050961/albums/5814701992264531969?authkey=CIGp0a688cD7IQ
I know it’s my usual practice to shortlist a few pictures that I
feel its “snapped at my best effort” / “having the right feel and
atmosphere” but well, please bear with me.. I will find time to
update this post if possible. =P

xo, the dark traveler


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