Just sharing: Winter Swimming – The Often Overlooked Health Benefits

Winter Swimming: The Often Overlooked Health Benefits – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com.

I was reading this one night and was surprised to find out that there really is such a thing called winter swimming observed in some countries. However, it doesn’t occur in all the countries that has four seasons in a year!

For safety reasons, no one should ever try that without any supervision or medical advice. And even the members of this “Polar bear clubs” have to declare that the organization will not be responsible if anything were to happen to them in an event of hypothermia or worse.

There is no reason why I should share this considering that I am living in sunny singapore 😛 but it was interesting to know that such an activity existed. And I bet some of you dunno right! XD



Just sharing: Melbourne Australia – Melbourne Travel Guide

Melbourne Australia – Melbourne Travel Guide.

Was researching on Melbourne as I will be flying over there in another week’s time for a short holiday/ getaway.

Realized or rather had heard too many about this place on its high standards of living. As you can see, even the currency itself is one word – HIGH. Having said that, I already felt so poor~ boohoo after like getting a sum of SGDs exchanged this evening to aussie dollar.

Although frankly speaking, this city has never been on my list of “The cities/ countries that I want to see before I die”, but i have been slogging real hard in terms of my 9-5 day job and my AL being lesser than before, i really need to scrimp hard enough to get some time off for sightseeing or travel.

Now, I hope i will be able capture some nice shots of this city back to share on this blog and yes, this is the first trip to commence year 2012 as 2011 has been a great year for me – it has left me lots of good memories of Cambodia, Krabi and China. 😀


Just sharing: 10 unusual facts about the London Eye | VisitBritain Shop

10 unusual facts about the London Eye | VisitBritain Shop.

3. On average the London Eye receives more visitors per year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza

7. Despite there only being 32 capsules, for superstitious reasons they are numbered 1 – 33. For good luck number 13 is left out

Nothing much less to say, i just hope who ever reads this blog will enjoy what I’ve shared. It’s my virgin post using the “Press This” function available on wordpress.