Fantasies of Seoul

Destinations, Korea

That was Christmas 2007..

I’d remember this as the first overseas holiday trip we made together as a family if you don’t count the road trips into JB or any part of Malaysia 🙂

#1 front entrance view into the theme park

#2 some palace park that we had visited in the itinerary.. really had all the traditional Kdrama feel~

#3 Korea zoos are amazing! We were in a minibus and it just went past this animals which were like really close to us! There weren’t any man made river or lake between us so u can imagine the distance we are between one another @.@

#4 very nice array of trees, i think it was the one in that very popular Kdrama of that star-crossed couple. There was even a stone statue of them looking at each other in the park!

#5 this was the first time i had such a close encounter with snow! Was really damn stoked about it and i was wearing like 5 layers thick..

#6 Best part about every holiday trip is to check out the streets at night. That’s ofcos you must be prepared for pickpockets as well who are very good at picking out tourists from locals. So when you are ready for that… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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