Paradise Krabi 2011 ☼☻

Destinations, Krabi, Thailand

in monsoon june



#1 This was me on the plane before landing; because i know i will be seeing clear blue skies and pristine beaches in 1.5 hours time; yes.. it takes only just that amount of time from Singapore to Krabi.

#2 The adventure begins with kayaking in Ao Thalane..

#3 I was really freaking out even though i had life jacket on.. the waves were coming in every few seconds and they said the waves were strong because of the repelling effect from the nearby limestone cliffs :s

#4 During the island hopping adventure, this was one of the nearby islands we stopped by in the day..Bamboo island if I had not remembered wrongly ♥

#5 One island after another, the speedboat that we were on was really fast, I kinda regretted to take the front seats because my butt was leaving the seat everytime the boat hit on each waves. The awesome view of the limestone cliffs surrounding all the mini islands and the crystal clear green water really captivated me for the entire day!

#6 The nightlife in Ao Nang, Krabi..


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