Edens Garden Essential Oils


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For anyone who is interested in trying essential oils, I would like to recommend to you the no. 1 non-MLM essential oil company – Edens Garden. Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

You can read more about my recommendation in another entry – here.


About Edens Garden Essential Oils


I have in so many years before tried with many different essential oils from different companies both overseas and local.. and recommending Edens Garden would be something I am going to do for the first time. Name the brands that I have heard of and tried with, there was.. Yo**g Li***g, Biof***st, Mt S***la, Now***ds, and this.

And I really want to say that you should go ahead and try Edens Garden with no hesitation! It is reliable for few reasons below:

  • It is voted #1 for being the non-MLM essential oil company
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • if you stay in the U.S. or have friends who are staying there, you can make use of the free shipping!
  • Products are of 100% pure therapeutic grade
  • They are certified by the industry and their oils do not contain additives, fillers , etc
  • Grab their discount codes whenever its available on the website, they are pretty generous on that during U.S. holidays
  • Besides all the above, you can read more in their website. Source: About Us
  • I have personally used their Immunity, Fighting Five, Sleepy Head and Head Ease synergy blends, I think they are really good for each of their purported uses.
  • Their carrier oils which come in 100ml and 250ml bottles are quite reasonably priced at the sizes they offer and personally for me, I like to try their carrier oils that probably other companies do not have e.g. Prickly Pear Seed.
  • Last but not least, they have kid-friendly essential oils for young children aged 2+ as you know that applying essential oils to young children has to be handle with care because of the continuous development of the child’s system, some oils may be too strong and unsuitable for kids’ ingestion/uses.

In layman terms, what really works for me, is that it is not moving towards the MLM direction and making their products super expensive and unreachable to the mass. To be fairer in this ‘who’s cheaper I try’ competition, I have given other brands like Biof***st a try but I wasn’t really convinced with their product quality even though there are many online reviews found in the Internet or Youtube.

If I were to recommend you to try any product of theirs, I would say to start of with their synergy blends like e.g. Immunity, Anxiety Ease, Fighting Five, etc! And before you can order anything on their website, remember to register an account with them and you can use the referral link provided. This is so that your account /shipping information is with them and you can repurchase again without any hassle! You will be rewarded with some ‘Notes’ (a rewards program that you can utilise to get deductions for future purchases) too!

Before I end this review, basically I just want to highlight that this is not a sponsored review or in any way supported by Edens Garden. It’s a good product and brand that I want to share with whoever is reading this. And the bottom line is if you’re currently looking to try any essential oil brand, or you are just keen to switch/try a new essential oils product, give Edens Garden a try and see what they have got for you there! Use this referral link here to register and start ordering away!


I was down with a cold last weekend, and I applied Immunity on the sole of my feet thrice a day and my cold amazingly went away! I had only taken cold meds once and that was it! :))

5D4N Autumn Colours of Perth ’17.

Australia, Perth

Season / Month: Autumn / May
Temperature: 10 – 23ºC
City / State: Perth / Western Australia


By Plane

If you are getting to Perth from Singapore, you will find that there are quite a number of airlines like Singapore Air, Scoot, Qantas which has direct routes to Perth on a daily basis. Direct routes take approximately 5 hours 30 mins from Singapore to Perth and vice versa.

By Car

Perth is the capital and the largest city of the state of Western Australia. Although it is the 4th most populated city in Australia, it is IMHO a very quiet, less busier city in Australia, at times I felt like it is a “sleepy” town. Public transport within the city is not as advanced and accessible as compared to Sydney, so we gamely challenged ourselves to explore the city of Perth and its outskirts by renting a car! Renting and collecting the car at the airport is almost fuss-free and easily done, but I would advise to book the car online at the car rental website and make either a deposit or full payment before you arrive at Perth airport. This is also to save time and hassle while collecting the car keys at their counter. Each of the trips took approximately 2 to 3.5 hours and it is also advisable to have at least 2 drivers in your group so that they can each take turns to rest in between trips. Ensure that the rented car comes with a GPS to help the driver navigate around Perth safely and more efficiently, otherwise it will be quite a daunting experience for both the driver and the passengers, in our case, it was also our first attempt driving by ourselves in a foreign land larger than SG.


Prepaid SIM Cards are available for sale within the Perth International Airport. When we landed at the airport in the evening about 1800hrs, the sky already looked like it was 2000hrs in Singapore. Nevertheless, an Optus store was still open with 2 staff managing the storefront, and we bought our prepaid SIM cards, reactivated our WhatsApp and got connected before we left the airport.


If you are budget conscious and travel in at least a group of three people or more, you may like to try and rent an apartment online before getting there. After much online research, I find that renting an apartment is cheaper and worthwhile than booking a hotel. That was how our rented 2 bedroom apartment looks like and we rented it via AirBnB. If you are renting an apartment outside the city / CBD area, it is advisable to check out the neighbourhood through the map whether there are any amenities or restaurants nearby and the distance getting there and back so that it would help if you are planning to get dinner or some finger food in case you arrived late at night. This was a quiet neighbourhood in Broome St and this apartment comes with a car porch so we save on parking fees. Do note that parking fees out and about in Perth can be quite expensive to one who is travelling on a budget.
Look at the narrow spiral staircase, that was our nightmare for 4 nights!

What We See and Do

Pinnacles Desert

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Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park was a 2.5 hours drive from Perth city. And this is my first time entering a desert! Unbelievable and in awe of God’s amazing creation. Those standing rocks are limestones structures that have formed naturally from the surrounding environment 30,000 years ago. Read more at this link here.

Jurien Bay

This was Jurien Bay along the Indian Ocean drive. In Autumn, you will hardly see people around the beaches due to the strong winds, however when there is less human traffic, what you will get are magnificent views of the vast ocean. And if you happen to be there around lunch time, you can pop by the nearby fishing village town called Cervantes (which is also near to the Nambung National Park) for a freshly caught fish and chips meal.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is a family run wildlife park with farm shows and animal feeding shows. You will get to see koalas, kangaroos AND wombats, and of course other animals. They claimed to have about 200 species on their website.

Famous Zig Zag Drive

This was the scenic view we got rewarded with on our way back on one of the days when we attempted to experience the famous zig zag drive. Drivers need to be cautious about driving along the zig zag drive as it is a long narrow road round about a mountain.

Watershed Winery

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A very expensive but delicious lunch at the Watershed Winery with such a cool vineyard backdrop.

Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Try exploring around Kings Park and Botanical Garden, there are also some small cafes around the park where you can stop by for a quick bite or breakfast. This park is huge and it offers magnificent views of the Perth city.



Food here can be quite expensive mainly because it can cost around 12 – 15 bucks for a fish and chips meal or maybe a 10 – 12 bucks for a smoked salmon burger and hot coffee at a dainty cafe by the park. If you get sick of western food and like to go for chinese food, it would cost around 8 – 10 bucks for a plate of noodles at a mid-range chinese restaurant or food court. Personally, I would rate the western and vietnamese cuisine as the top best meals to go for but just be prepared to pay the price for the good food.

Well, I have come to the end of this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading and the information is sufficient. These places were actually shortlisted out of all those that were listed in Tripadvisor and Tourism Australia website.

4D3N Penang ’16.

Malaysia, Penang


It’s me again and I will try to share as much as I can about this short getaway that I had recently to Penang, Malaysia. Grateful to say, as I hold a full time day job, vacations like that need to be planned ahead and annual leaves need to be approve before such vacations can happen. And indeed, this was a much needed getaway for me ever since I had my operation last July. I was pretty worried then if I would be ready to start travelling on a plane and I would be in deep trouble if my leg could not take the air flown pressure, etc. Thank God nothing unfortunate happen and it was a pretty relaxing trip except for the humidity and the scorching sun.

Month: December
Temperature: 25 – 30ºC
City / State: George Town / Penang


By Plane


Getting to Penang from Singapore by plane is easy and fuss-free, there are quite a number of budget airlines which fly directly into Penang everyday.

By Bus

In Georgetown, they have a sightseeing bus for tourists and if you want to go hassle free or worry about not speaking the Malay language fluently, then it may be a good option to go with the sightseeing bus as it brings you around the tourist attractions of Georgetown. Of course, if you are barely conversant in the Malay language and can understand simple conversations, it would definitely be cheaper to move around in the public bus transport. The bus transport network here is still rather traditional here and you have to tell the bus captain where you are going, pay for the trip and then be issued a bus ticket.



Wifi is available in most cafes and restaurants in George town. However, getting a prepaid sim card is also worth the bucks if you would like yourself to be connected the moment you land at the airport. There are small counters like Digi Telcom, etc right in the airport arrival area and it cost around 8 – 10RM to get the most basic prepaid sim card that will last you throughout a 4 days trip.


Budget, mid-range and luxury hotels are everywhere in George town, so there are many options available that you can find from HotelsCombined, Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, etc. We chose to go budget and booked a 3 star motel, GoodHope Inn via Expedia which is about a slow 15mins walk to the shopping malls. The motel was located along a busy road but the surrounding neighbourhood is quiet at night. Although it is a motel, but I personally find it to be a quite a decent hotel with clean rooms.

What We See and Do

Wall Murals

We went around the day looking for the wall murals and for your information, the afternoon weather can be really warm and humid under the sun. Our energy were really depleted after only getting to see about 4 – 5 wall murals by foot. And at times, we just stood by commenting on the picture and left without taking any shot of it.


We visited some of the museums. There is this Gold Museum which I personally think that it wasn’t really worth the bucks going in. The entrance fee was too expensive for that short walk through inside the museum and we were not allowed to take pictures within the interior of the museum.

There was a Penang State Museum which showcase on the history of Penang and its neighboring regions.


Penang Hill

One of the stopover that the tourist sightseeing bus pass by is the Penang Hill. We did not go up due to the overwhelming crowd and the warm humid weather.


Batu Ferringhi

I cannot remember what bus we took but yes, you can try to visit this area which is quite happening in the evening time, there are street stalls alongside the main road and you may do some shopping / eating or sightseeing there. We saw this ship and it was not a real ship, just a restaurant that serves the best steak in town? Well, that’s what they advertise on the ship’s facade.



Everyone says Penang is a food paradise. There are street hawkers, small coffeeshops and cafes, and of course variety of restaurants in the shopping malls.

That was a sumptuous spread of meat on the table! We had Japanese hotpot on one of the days at Gurney Plaza! The food was really belly satisfying, and the bill came up to about 200RM for a table of 3. And there is the famous Penang Road Chendol stall which we passed by and had a taste of it. So conclusion is, it is hard to believe that you were not able to find food in Penang, food is almost everywhere, it depends on what kind of food you are specifically looking for.

If there is anything else to blog about this Penang, I would say try exploring the other part of Penang which is at Butterworth town to make this trip all round and worthwhile. We did not have time to go there, but it was nonetheless a good trip out and about Penang.


Overwhelmed by the blessings I received.


via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

I have for long periods wallowed in self pity, stories that I fabricated about myself to myself, about the people around me to myself and to others, engaging myself in lots of negative thinking and complaining. And to make this long story short, I had snapped out of it like so suddenly!

No, I did not snap out of it within seconds or minutes. I got out of it these few moments in life where I felt I was indeed blessed, factually blessed and not imaginative at all. I was in this self pity, complaining, negative, emotional state probably few years back. Although I have never sunk into any medical depression, I was not in a good state of mind. Thank God I wasn’t depressed! Thank God for the people around me that made me who I am now, no regrets because I learnt from all the rights and wrongs. Thank God for mum (especially) who stood by me, even when I was in this deepest agony and afflicted self.

Last night, I was reading this article taken from here (http://www.biblestudytools.com/blogs/association-of-biblical-counselors/5-ways-to-stop-discouragement-from-getting-the-best-of-you.html). It hit me so much because of all that I had went through recently. In December last year, my younger brother so generously sponsored me to attend the Landmark Forum, he encouraged me to attend it previously but I was not only skeptical of the teachings, I thought the forum was too pricey and besides not getting a cert out of it, I do not seem to quite believe it would be good to anybody.  But thank God, the 3 days seminar brought some insights which probably, I have never heard it spoken this way to me anywhere else! I could have heard my mum telling me, ‘Girl.. stop complaining, it’s not good for your health.’ or ‘Girl.. stop trying to think this way, it may just be a way of thinking but not exactly true.’ and etc, etc. However, these words just went into my ears and out the next second. Landmark seminar brought me into another realm of possibility in realising those thoughts we sometimes had up in our heads are really just noises. We have to identify what those noises did to us! We could have been subconsciously forming a persistent way of being e.g. complaining non stop about everything anything, and in the process of doing it, there were things taken away from us! We lose all the happiness, joy, self worth, connectedness, trust and many many other things! What I had got out from the seminar was great, what I had got out from life’s lessons days and weeks after the seminar was even awesome!

So while life has been overwhelming me, I have been overwhelmed by the Lord’s blessings day by day. He has blessed me so much that I did not realise what I was getting out of Him. While I have been picking myself up from all the pieces of me after the seminar, I have also been more and more religiously reading up the Bible and through all this, He has open my eyes to see things that I have probably not see it as clearly as before. He has made me realise that what was mention during the seminar was also mentioned in the Bible. Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter and Job were great biblical examples of how we could get discouraged and forgot our Lord’s presence in our lives.

I hoped by sharing this here could benefit anyone who is reading this. And may our God bless us as we inch ourselves nearer to Him each day.

In Christ,

Tioman 2016.

Destinations, Malaysia, Mersing

This was a 3D2N trip to Tioman, Malaysia. It was my very first trip to this island and also my very first time trying snorkelling! I was so nervous and afraid of being swallowed by the waters but trust was very important. I trusted this group of friends and hang on to their arms for my dear life even though I had a life jacket on, but i was still frightened just like any non swimmer will. Thank God, I made it alive trying to snorkel without even being a good swimmer. 

This video montage was made to display the epic highs and lows of this amazing trip. I love that each of our different personalities complement one another and make this trip so exciting and memorable.

Looking forward to the next trip with them!

Sydney Autumn 2016.

Australia, Destinations, Sydney

Finally, my holiday is here! After my last holiday trip which ended in October last year, i was already feeling tired from work and all the daily stuff.. I hadn’t plan to visit Sydney at all thinking that it’s but another city alike Singapore. But as I was looking at the promotional airfares, I thought hey! maybe i could give Sydney a chance.. and here I come!

I was a little hesitant initially, being aware of the terrorist attack news there lately, but as I had been to Melbourne before (and fell in love with the city there), I thought its fair to give this beautiful place a visit. So true enough, it surprises me. 😙

This was the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, although it was so far away from us but we could spot a few groups of bridge climbers on top of the bridge at that time!


We even tried to capture both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House together in a picture.. camera angles are very important!

The Grounds of Alexandria is a farm theme inspired cafe situated in the middle of an industrial area in Sydney. It was more accessible by car / taxis than by foot as we had to  walk a few miles only then to arrive here. It was very crowded too, so do make reservations if you are going there for a meal!


This was the interior of Central Station, so wished our train stations are like that too haha! Impressive architecture!


I love spacious places..  and it’s something we do not have here in SG.

This was Leura Garage cafe. Cannot remember if it was a garage transformed into a cafe or it’s just a garage theme cafe. They even serve rainwater as a form of beverage. LoL.


We took a long distance train from Sydney to Katoomba. Then we bought the day pass @ $40++ /pax which gave us unlimited rides around Blue Mountains National Park! Be warned, beautiful scenery pics coming up.


Nice? That’s the legendary 3 sisters. 😀

Some hiking was required at some areas since it’s a national park. Btw, it was pretty cold up here in the mountains so it’s always good to bring along an extra jacket!


Poor mum, we were pretty worried about her knees not able to take the load of hiking upwards.


This was @ Sublime Point Lookout.


Beautiful scenery!


This picture is proof that we went during the autumn season!

We also spent some time exploring the city and the CBD area, there’s this mix of rustic and modern feel around the city when we saw modern and old architecture located just side by side! The clock tower reminds me of London’s Big Ben.


Lots of walking about although the train stations are nearby. Besides St James Station is Sydney’s own Hyde Park.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bondi Beach was pretty accessible. We took a bus there and we had brunch at one of the cafes along the street opposite the beach. Highly instagrammable food as you can see.


And the instafamous Bondi Icebergs swimming pool is just by the ocean.


Another highly instagrammable shot. Hehe

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We took to the challenge of doing the coastal walk, enjoying the scenery and of course the sea breeze!


Decided to take a cliff shot, although it is not advisable because of the risk of falling rocks or a careless step, I may end up swimming in the deep blue ocean.


Remembering that this was the last meal that we had on the last day before we caught our plane back to SG.

Last but not least, I would say “Kudos!” to the subway network in Sydney, I must say it was a pleasant smooth experience for us travelling with the Opal cards. I learnt that although Australia is one big country, the different cities uses different transport companies and therefore, just like in Melbourne, use the Myki cards. Melbourne was confusing with the Zones 1 or 2. If you visit Melbourne, you will understand what I mean.

Tokyo 2015.

Destinations, Japan

Finally!! The entry on my last personal trip for the year 2015 is out!

So I was headed to Tokyo Japan once again… this time with a different group of people, my ex-colleagues from the last workplace! We wouldn’t have attempted on this trip if JC hadn’t initiated for this one as we weren’t super close working partners in the workplace. But as I was familiar having been to Japan before, I gamely accepted it, although fully stressed because I knew I’ll be the “tour guide” or “tour leader” for this trip. There were a lot of things to figure out, such as  Japan’s complex metro subway network, intricate map of Tokyo, etc. Those street names although they have an English interpretation of it, they are forever so hard to remember. We even got a lil lost at Narita AP when we were trying to locate the place to get the discounted train tickets from AP to the city and back to AP on the last day. I was lugging a 13kg luggage that contained autumn clothes for my 8D7N stay as well as a 1.5l mineral water bottle (a habit of mine when I visit less developed countries or countries with undrinkable tap water). I could get the distilled water from their supermarkets but I tried to save some money lah! hehe. Anyway, a word of warning though, you will expect to see more pictures of ramen as you scroll down later in this entry. 😛

For the first 2 days, thank God for LY who used his data roaming to get us around Tokyo and even helped us to locate our hotel as due to some hitches in the logistics, we could only have our wifi egg delivered to us on the 2nd night of the trip.

#0: This was our first meal at a restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. Ramen meal was quite cheap and good.

#1: We popped by the Gundam cafe because ET was a huge fan of these robots and it was very near to Akihabara station. P/s: AKB48 cafe was just beside it as well.

#2: The weather was cool at air con temperatures but it was sunny in the morning and afternoons.

#3: After a super long working distance, we arrived at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building where we caught a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of Tokyo at no charge. The waiting in queue was what we had to endure after we finally found the building.


#4; This was the Ramen museum where they showcase all the types of ramen that is available in different parts of Japan.

#5: Cant remember where this ramen was from. But I didn’t quite like the texture and type of the noodles being used. It was thick like what we have over in Singapore – Mee Pok noodles. HAHA

#6 Kumamoto ramen which I did not get to taste when i was in Kyushu. How ironic that i am having it only now when I visit the ramen museum in Tokyo.

#7 A group pic of us outside the Ramen museum!

#8: We went to Disneysea! My 2nd time there and i wasn’t bored at the thought of going there a second time!

#10: The highlight of this trip! Although LY gave this a miss, but the 3 of us totally enjoyed it and sweated it out. We went for a mountain hike at Mt. Takao which was only about 500 m above the sea. But as we weren’t too prepared physically for this challenge, we made it still. Yes!

#11 That was the view of Tokyo midway up the mountain. Thank God for keeping us safe!

#12 I was in good exercise gear although my bag was quite heavy after carrying this thick sweater as I thought it might get windier or cooler uphill. But i was wrong. Probably the hordes of japanese warmed the entire climate over there. HEHEHE.

#13 Ramen after ramen.. and ramen again!

#16 Rainbow bridge and the waters that linked Tokyo up with this reclaimed island called Odaiba. It was raining hence the picture looks foggy like that. The rain made us all wet and cold but the shopping was good!


Ok.. there weren’t as many pictures as expected since my handphone was spoilt.. I didn’t bring out the DSLR because I wasn’t going to be carrying it around everyday when all the walking would have exhausted me totally. But I am glad this trip was a success! Feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment below as I will try my best to answer you on your questions about this trip. And before i end this post… again…


xo, thedarktraveler

Macau 2015. 

China, Destinations, Macau

Ever since i started working with a company that manufactures slots and deals with clubs and casinos, i knew undoubtedly that one day i would be given an opportunity to sink my feet into this land of the gamblers (or the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, what the Bible says). I have never like the thought of travelling on a working basis so i have never really embark on the opportunities to travel for this company till this day.

When we arrived at Macau airport in the evening, we were told to meet up with a bunch of colleagues who were already here for quite some time for dinner. So this experienced colleagues brought me around (ok, I was the only noob during this trip who have not step foot on this land before) and we shuttle between casinos and malls throughout the night. This was outside one of the mega casino if im not wrong is the Galaxy Casino. This is after we crossed the bridge that linked Taipa to Macau and its also where the Macau intl airport was located.

Across the water or just beside the Galaxy casino is the infamous Venetian Macau Casino. 
Interior of the infamous Venetian Macau. Shopping malls as usual. The canal really look more impressive than the one in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. 😁

This is after walking around and about, we stood outside the  StarWorld Casino and L’Arc Casino. It was the summer period so the weather was pretty humid and warm.
Grand Lisboa Casino.

 The ruins of the St Pauls Cathedral at 大三巴. Lots of tourists here even when it is already at night. Realized the roads here are pretty narrow and sometimes just a one way lane even at places of attractions. We even learnt from the macau colleagues that the cars here are cheap but the car park lot fees are exorbitantly high.

Ok, this is about it as we spend most of the time working inside the customer venue. Although the map of macau is bigger than Singapore but, as true as it is, it is just full of casinos, nothing else but casinos. 🎲🎰🌃🏪